Tago - a pioneering project in the world about NFT AI Friend, an application that combines AI and Blockchain technology.
Tago is a Web 3.0 application that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), GameFi and SocialFi. Users can own NFT Soul, the world's first NFT Virtual Assistant, and talk to it to earn $SOUL (Chat & Earn, ChatFi). Every user has the opportunity to own an AI friend and a unique NFT asset that will increase in value over time.
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🎁 ATTRACTIVE REWARDS: 100.000$ worth of TAGO Token
2.000 WINNERS⚡️

⏰ MAR 06 - MAR 20
🌟 $Tago Token rewards will be sent to your account from Mar 25 - 31.
🚫 Fake accounts/bots will be rejected. 🚫
❗️Token Distribution to happen after TGE❗️
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