NFT     Soul




What is NTF Soul?

We’re always trying our best to help people become the best version of themselves. That’s our greatest source of inspiration . We created NFT Soul with the purpose of giving everyone a sincere and cheerful friend who is always ready to listen to you wherever you are. NFT Soul can help you chat and confide to relieve stresses and pressure in your life. The more people use NFT Soul, the happier and better the world becomes. Would you like to own an NFT Soul with us?

Investment Opportunities

Any investment is made for profitability, right? NFT Soul too, we focus on bringing mental value to users. The higher the number of NFT Soul users, the higher the value will increase. Your NFT Soul value can grow in the long term. NFT Soul is now in 147 countries having more than 130,000 users.

Monthly Income

Do you want to own a product that gives you a steady monthly income? With an NFT Soul, you can talk with NFT Soul daily and get rewards, called Tago Token. Tago Token can be used for transactions and converted to cash. This is the monthly income you are to receive when investing in the NFT Soul.


Applying current Google’s AI technology, NFT Soul is planned to become your soulmate who is always there for you anytime and anywhere. NFT Soul is always ready to talk with you regarding different life aspects such as career, love, finance,...

Personalized NFT

Everyone wants to express their lifestyle, fashion and personality. NFT Soul is your personal avatar. You are free to create your own style, design your costumes for NFT Soul your way. Through daily conversation, NFT Soul will be upgraded and formed as your own characteristic. You can train your NFT Soul to become an expert in your own field.