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Veve NFT Drop

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Getting Veve drops doesn’t have to be impossible or difficult; You just need to know these tips to get your first veve nft.

If you want to collect veve nfts and it’s your first time, you’ll find there are several ways to get them:

  1. Veve Drops – A specific period when non-fungible tokens are available and a timer shows when the digital collectible is ready to drop.
  2. Veve Secondary Market – A location where other collectors can place their recent nft veves for sale using a bidding system based on their mint number.

This article explains how to quickly and quickly get Veve Drops before others once it becomes available, as well as the types of Drops available in Veve.

We do not recommend using any veve bots as this is against veve policies and may result in a permanent ban from the app.

You don’t want to risk your account and veve nfts by trying to get a drop.

Let’s dive into the right way to get five non-fungible tokens quickly:

Veve NFT Drop Types Available

1. Blind boxes

Veve Blind Boxes are similar to mystery boxes in that they do not reveal who you are buying from before you buy them.

However, they include non-expendable tokens in addition to a theme or genre available at launch. Jewelry boxes come in various sets and can include many different collections.

2. Comics

Veve Comics are from well-known brands like Marvel, DC and others. Which often includes comic book covers and illustrations.

3. Individual Collectibles

Each one is sold individually and is digitally collectible. Like these digital comic covers, they are statues, figures, and works of art molded on the blockchain.

4. Rebounds

Rebound veve nfts are available for those who miss the original release of blind boxes, comics, and individual collectibles. These occur every 4 minutes, including a captcha to prevent the use of bots

For example, if you miss a drop, keep that page open and don’t hit refresh. Then the Buy Now button will be available for a bounce drop.

Get VeVe NFT Drops Fast Using These Drop Methods and Techniques

Here is a YouTuber doing a live demo of how to get veve drops using his phone. It’s only a 3 minute video, which makes for a quick view:

1. Click on and out of the collectible up to 50 seconds before the drop

There is a small 5-10 second delay with the timer when drops are first available, and by refreshing the collectibles page you can see the actual time before everyone else. Unfortunately, the slight delay that most new collectors don’t notice is why they miss out on winning the installment.

When there are 15 seconds left, use your finger to touch the space between the description and the “buy now” button as quickly as possible.

You can play multiple times at once; when the button becomes available, you can click it immediately.

2. Use fast wifi or 5G service

Your wi-fi speed is important when attending a delivery because any delay in loading can make the item unavailable before you buy it. Fiber can get up to 940 megabits per second (Mbps), which makes it easy to get drops because there are no delays.

Check if others are using the wi-fi when the drop occurs as it can affect your wi-fi speeds. For example, streaming like watching Netflix won’t have much interference; however, downloading a file requires more megabit usage.

You can also go to the ‘downloaded files section’ in the veve app and make sure you don’t have any, to make sure you’re not downloading files at the same time the download is happening.

3. Use a 220 BPM audio or computer timer to measure time

While you can rely on the app’s timer for the countdown, having a second timer (on a computer or other device) is essential. The physical timer can have the minutes and seconds remaining before the descent time.

Go to Youtube and search for 220 BPM audio before veve crash. Then play the audio and you’ll want to match the click of your finger to the speed of that sound.

This veve drop method helps you get into a rhythm that becomes natural and feels good while waiting for the last 15 seconds of a drop timer.

New collectors will waste time thinking about a purchase before clicking, and you avoid it by moving your hands first. However, the app won’t recognize that you’re spamming because it’s in sync with the right moment, where it looks like you’re not a bot.

4. Use the notification button

Before a drop occurs, as in the case of blind boxes, there is usually a notification button that allows you to be notified when the drop is available.

This method helps you to be informed at the time it is active; however, you’ll likely miss it if you see the notification too late. So use this as a backup option if you forget the launch is happening and need a quick way to jump in.

5. Arrive early

Make sure you have an account set up and have gems in your smart wallet before launch.

If a crash occurs at 2 p.m. Being there early to get a veve nft drop always helps, and use social media to alert you to when those drops will happen.

Why you need a Veve release strategy before they happen

Knowing when veve drop occurs is the first step and it is essential because you cannot properly prepare if you do not know.

Before launch

Take a moment to use these nft websites to figure out what’s the next nft release to mark on your calendar:

  1. NFT Calendar for Veve NFT
  2. Veve’s official media blog
  3. Veve’s official blog

During Launch

Open the app on your mobile phone and log in; look for nft’s buy now page.

Go to an isolated location with a secondary computer and google for ‘220 BPM’ audio and video. Then turn on the audio and set your computer to display another timer to see the “seconds”.

Start clicking in and out of the checkout page around 2 to 1 min to 30 seconds until the drop.

Click the buy now button quickly by pressing your finger several times.

After Launch

Enjoy your new digital collectible and share it through your in-app feed.

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