Astro baby apes nft

Astro baby apes nft

Astro token is an ultimate, self-sufficient, multi-utility token launched by Astro Baby Apes NFT to rule platforms like Astro Gallery, Astro virtual Casino, and the land-based Al Salvador Casino.
Astro baby apes nft

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Astro token is an ultimate, self-sufficient, multi-utility token launched by Astro Baby Apes NFT to rule platforms like Astro Gallery, Astro virtual Casino, and the land-based Al Salvador Casino.

The world is an unfair place. The rich keep getting richer while the poor yearn for comfort in times of exponentially rising inflation. Today, the world of cryptocurrencies is facing a similar problem. The high gas fee to complete transactions does not cause problems for the already prosperous whales. On the other hand, traders and investors with a handful of money are hit hard by the grueling policies that govern Blockchains like Ethereum. Astro Babies is a newborn phenomenal ecosystem that aspires to provide a distinguished environment for people to buy NFT, play games and trade at a very moderate gas rate. Astro Babies aspires to become a haven for merchants hit by extremely high transaction fees.

An exciting mission

Astro Babies aims to strengthen the NFT sector by creating a platform where people experience a sense of freedom and security. The firm ensures that the NFTs created thrive and last by designing real-life utilities for each digital art. Astro Babies is a sublime play-to-win ecosystem that serves as a bridge between web 3.0 and reality. The firm regards transparency and integrity as its core principles and highly prizes loyalty.

The $ABB Ecosystem

Astro Token ($ABB) is the native token that will govern the Astro Babies ecosystem. The token will be available to the general population on October 28 at 1500 UTC via Pinksale. The $ABB token will be offered to community members as participation rewards according to their degree of contribution to help improve the ecosystem. With a total supply of 5 million, the $ABB token is ready to be handed out as rewards in play-to-win games. People can also earn Astro tokens by participating in NFT collections. Holders of all three Astro Babies NFT collections can stake their NFTs and benefit from $ABB being added to their wallets. The more incomparable the NFT, the higher the rewards for staking.

A Gallery of

Babies wants to create an NFT platform accessible to the entire Solana Blockchain. To achieve this end, they have laid the foundation for the Astro Gallery NFT Marketplace and Launchpad. In the marketplace, users will be able to buy, sell, and auction NFTs along with a unique 3D experience through access to the Astro NFT avatar. In this, people will be able to walk around as an avatar in a 3D simulation and visualize NFTs. The Astro Launchpad is a great place for NFT creators and enthusiasts to interact and work together to bring new NFT designs and ideas to life.

Astro Casino

It would not be wrong to say that the Astro Babies are obsessed with gambling. To quench their thirst for this supreme sport, they laid the foundation for the world’s first virtual crypto casino. Astro Babies have the opportunity to play fun casino games, weekly poker tournaments and win numerous prizes. Astro Babies NFT holders get even more benefits. They can play casino games as a 3D Astro Babies character. Astro Casino is designed to work with the native Astro token.

Astro Babies NFT was created by Mark Al Radan and Wes Karniej and was registered in El Salvador in no time. Since it is the first NFT in the country, Astro Babies has set plans to create a phenomenal land-based crypto casino. A boutique hotel, restaurant, club, marina, and gaming area that are entirely powered by Bitcoin are some of the amenities the firm plans to include in this distinctive casino. This physical casino will act as a mirror image of the virtual crypto casino by using $ABB as the operating token. Last but not least, the firm plans to make Astro Casino El Salvador a world-renowned destination to attract famous crypto events and Blockchain enthusiasts.

Astro Babies NFT and $AB

The benefits associated with owning Astro Babies NFT are innumerable. NFT holders get VIP access to Astro Casino and Astro Gallery. $ABB token holders receive 34.33% of the revenue collected from different branded companies.

Astro Baby Apes

Astro Baby Apes is a collection of 10040 NFT which was minted on Feb 10, 2022 at the price of 0 SOL. The current floor price is 0.40 SOL which has decreased by -0.25% in the last 24h. The total volume sits at 4809.25 and currently have listed total of 204 NFT.

Project description

Astro Baby Apes are an NFT Collection of 10,000 degens building the Astro Club Metaverse and Astro Marketplace on planet SOLANA. They are also developing the first ever LAND BASED CRYPTO CASINO in EL SALVADOR that provides REVENUE SHARING to its holders from many difference avenues. In a fight to lower gas fees and take the power back from the Evil Crypto Whales, Astro Baby Apes strive to launch the GREATEST NFT project to ever be created!

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