Ben Baller Did The Blockchain

Ben Baller Did The Blockchain

ben baller did the blockchain

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Since NFTs are all the rage, we’ve seen a number of interesting NFT-related stories: everyone from The Shoe Surgeon to Steve Aoki getting into the game, with CryptoPunk rappers making six figures in 60 seconds and Peanut Butter Jelly Time. meme coming into the trend too. 2Pac’s estate recently launched an NFT collection based on the icon’s jewelry collection, but legend Ben Baller took that a step further with Ben Baller Did The BlockChain, which sold out five minutes after its initial release and merges his passion for jewelry with the world of NFTs.

“The project is a collaboration between Baller and the highly curated NFT ecosystem, Notables,” states a press release, “combining the renowned jeweler’s real-world intellectual property with a fully on-chain and gamified NFT experience. Buyers will be guided through the process of minting a series of NFTs within the collection that become increasingly rare and valuable as they are combined.” Baller is no stranger to cryptocurrencies, explaining at the time that “There is no question that blockchain technology is changing the world. Staying true to my style and giving people the best experience possible was the most important thing to me, and I am proud to innovate with these first chain chains.”

ben baller did the blockchain

What we have learned since then is that Ben Baller Did The BlockChain is going down in phases. The 6,000 BlockChains were minted during Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project was announced this week. “Now the real fun begins,” their statement read. “Phase 2 launched on Tuesday with the minting of gems via the ERC-20 token, $BallerBars. 5000 gems will be minted in total. In Phase 3, players can burn 10 gems together to create a BallerChain. BallerChains will have incredible utility and access to future Ben Baller NFT collaborations.” People are already on their way to getting their BallerChains, so if you haven’t jumped on board yet, you may be on the wrong track!

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