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Aspiring to become a blockchain consultant? Check out this guide where we discuss blockchain consultant job opportunities and learn how to become one.

Blockchain is rapidly changing the way our world works and lives – it is becoming a solution to end all business model discrepancies. As many companies are trying to achieve a blockchain transformation, they need blockchain consultants. That is why the demand for blockchain consulting jobs is also increasing.

For blockchain consultant jobs, you need to have a greater understanding of aspirations and a practical sense of blockchain innovation. Actually, blockchain consultant jobs have many opportunities for you.

Many companies already offer blockchain consulting services, and if you can work well, you can be a part of those companies as well.

To help you with this matter today, I am going to tell you all about blockchain consultant jobs and why you should.

So let’s get started!

Blockchain Consultant Jobs: What Are The Benefits?

First of all, let’s start with why you should look for blockchain consultant jobs in the first place. So, check out the benefits below:

High Paying Salary

The best part of blockchain consultant jobs is that it comes with a high paying salary. Not to mention the advantages of working with high-end clients in the industry. However, the salary range can vary depending on the type of blockchain consulting services you offer.

Basically, it can range from $69-179k! That’s a considerable amount of money, to begin with. However, for a higher salary, you will need to have experience in the field. Therefore, newbies will most likely start with lower paying blockchain consulting jobs. Actually, you will see many high paying blockchain jobs in the market.

Growing Demand

The demand for blockchain consultant jobs is exceptionally high. But why is that? Since the technology is relatively new, most companies do not have workforces that can fully understand the concept behind it. As a result, they want to learn about it from the best of the best blockchain technology consultants out there. In reality, the demand for blockchain skills is on the rise.

Actually, this is the main cause of the rise in status of blockchain consulting jobs. Well, you will be teaching professionals in the market, the CEOs, the COOs will learn about technology from it. And that is why you can quickly get a green sign from blockchain consultant jobs.

Exclusive Opportunities

The opportunities in blockchain development consulting are vast. Each position in this field will come with all the added benefits such as vacation days, premium team members, bonuses, etc. Thus, you will not only get a good salary, but also other features. A career in blockchain can really open up a lot of firsts for you.

Another big part of blockchain consulting jobs is that there are not many blockchain consulting services that can really deliver a good result. Yes, there are too many advisors on the market, but most do not have a background at the market level. As a result, with a little hard work, you can easily rise to the top.

Lucrative Positions

One of the last benefits of blockchain consultant jobs is that it comes with a very lucrative position in a company. Although if you are a beginner, you can start with a very high position in your company. Compared to other career options, it can take several years to even reach that position.

But in blockchain consulting jobs, it can take very little or no time. And obviously, the more lucrative the position you have in your company, the more your social status will rise.

Blockchain Development Consulting: Typical Phases You Might Have in Your Project

This section is mainly for those who do not know what the blockchain development consulting phases are. Basically, if you are a newbie, please read the following section carefully to fully understand the concept.

Anyway, there are practically three basic phases in almost all blockchain consulting projects. These are mainly:


The first stage is the extension phase. Here, many companies have recently heard about blockchain technology and are still looking for strategic advice on whether it is a good option or not. In it, many large consulting firms are dominating the market.

The demand for blockchain consulting services in this phase is huge. Actually, it is because they do not need additional support but rather strategic advice from qualified personnel. If you are a blockchain developer or a business advisor with a little extra knowledge about blockchain, you too can dominate the industry.

It seems that the demand for this type of entry-level blockchain consulting services will continue to increase until 2021. However, I must warn you that the need for this type of position will not last long unless you can demonstrate that you are knowledgeable. for the next stage of transformation.

Thus, you can go for freelance blockchain consulting services for a short time without wasting time looking for a high-end company.


The next phase you will likely encounter is the validation phase. As the technology matures day by day, it is evident that the companies will soon move to the second phase. In reality, some companies have already moved into the second phase.

In this one, you will need to have the technological knowledge to handle multiple blockchain initiatives. Basically, blockchain consultant jobs will require you to handle process changes, security, privacy, compliance issues, integrations, and many more.

Furthermore, here, only the top consulting firms with a strong position in the markets will rule the business. Therefore, your strategy should be to focus on this stage primarily, as your company will stay in the game when others fight.

You can expect these companies to stay in the game for at least 2026, given the circumstances. And if you can show potential, you can offer blockchain consulting services for a very long period of time.


This is based on a Granter report I read. According to them, the market value of blockchain will change drastically from the beginning of 2025. So, here the demand for blockchain consulting jobs will increase.

And because the big leagues are now joining the game, small-scale companies won’t be able to compete with that. Therefore, you should definitely go for a good blockchain consultant salary at an enterprise level consulting company.

That way, you will remain relevant even if other blockchain consulting services disappear. More so, you are likely to experience massive growth and your salary expectations as a blockchain consultant will increase.

It’s just speculation though, but other trading spectra could happen as well. In a competitive world, there is no choice but to take risks. And for blockchain, you have to be willing to take the risk.

Different Types of Blockchain Consultant Jobs on the Market

Currently, the market for this type of job is still evolving. But I have to say that they are developing quite fast and there are already a few different categories in blockchain consulting jobs.

More so, you will also see a change in the blockchain consultant salary in these various jobs in the market. So, to get a better idea, let’s see what you should expect.

  • Blockchain Specialist Jobs

Due to high demands, the importance of technical knowledge about blockchain is increasing. As a result, many blockchain consulting jobs require prior experience in this niche to get a position with a consulting company.

These could also be expected to be in a company newly founded by other career professionals for a long time. However, with mediocre level skills, it is quite impossible to get a job as a blockchain technology consultant.

More so, you must have excellent experience and acumen to get a job here.

  • Business Blockchain Consulting Jobs

Basically, these jobs at business consulting companies saw an opportunity in the blockchain sector. Furthermore, these companies have already established themselves in the market as a consulting company. So when a new technology comes on the market, they will just add a special department to handle that niche.

But it is that these companies or jobs are basically focused on strategic advice and do not cover technical aspects. Therefore, you will also need to focus on blockchain business strategies.

However, in the future, they may extend it to technical advice as well. Therefore, it is better to have the technical knowledge to be completely safe in your position. Regardless, don’t forget that you also need to have a business-focused knowledge base to land blockchain consulting jobs.

  • TSPs or Technology Service Provider Jobs

Technology service provider companies have also claimed a place in the game. Seeing an opportunity to earn more income, they took matters into their own hands. If you want to get blockchain consulting jobs at this type of company, you have to be extremely technical. Not only theoretical, but also must have the ability to achieve a solution in practice.

As a result, your job will require you to develop POC and also offer a viable version to your clients. Furthermore, the blockchain consultant salary range, in this case, is quite high.

  • Jobs in Blockchain Consulting Platforms

These are basically platforms that can open different business opportunities for many companies. Actually, you will find many online platforms that share information from blockchain technology consultants.

But not all platforms can offer the same quality. In any case, these are backed by technology professionals and are looking for people to hire to help businesses more efficiently.

The payout range for this type of platform is on the low end anyway, but it may still be a good opportunity for you to shine. The best part of this is that you will not need to have previous experience or be able to develop POC in this type of blockchain consulting jobs.

So it’s the easiest solution as a career right now.

What would your job responsibilities be?

Basically, the responsibilities vary from the demand of the companies to the type of consulting services you offer. However, I would add that you are not required to comply with all of the responsibilities below.

There are typically five different classes in the blockchain consulting job sector. Each class offers a different type of solutions to their clients, so the responsibilities will change.

So, let’s take a look at them.

1. Curation Strategies

Basically, in this phase, you will be customers who have just started their exploration of blockchain and want to know if blockchain will affect their company or not. Furthermore, they will want to know how they can prevent disruptions and how they can find a possible tactical solution.

Therefore, your responsibilities will mainly include: analyzing the impact, coming up with business tactics, developing the future roadmap, lecturing at workshops, etc. You will also need to describe whether they really need blockchain or not.

Impact Analysis

First, you will need to analyze your client’s business and then look at how blockchain technology may affect your organization.

Think Business Tactics

Next, as a blockchain technology consultant, you will select a strategy that can counter that disruption using blockchain business models. Furthermore, you will need to give them a solid idea of ​​whether or not they can handle the situation.

Develop Future

Roadmaps Next, as your blockchain technology consultant duty, you will outline a doable roadmap for the company to follow.

Workshop Host

The best part of this stage is that you will become a speaker and may be required to give consulting lectures to high level professionals in a company.

2. Develop Business Solutions

In many cases, the companies themselves propose a possible roadmap. But for the execution part, they seek help from blockchain development consulting agencies. In this part of the blockchain consultant jobs, you will need to specifically outline the use cases for that specific enterprise blockchain.

In addition, you would also have to describe how much it would cost. Furthermore, in blockchain consulting jobs, you will also need to make sure that the company knows which solution is best suited for them.

You can expect high blockchain consultant salary ranges in TSP or business consulting jobs.

Align Stakeholders Aligning

stakeholders can actually be a difficult task for you. Interested parties are always skeptical and may not be open to your suggestions as a consultant either. So make sure you know how to talk to them in their language.

Designing the processes

After aligning the stakeholders, you must present your technical point of view about the solution. Therefore, pointing out what technology fits and what doesn’t is the main objective.

Requirements analysis

It is an important problem for your customers. Therefore, in the case of blockchain consulting jobs, you will also need to reduce your costs.

Identification of use cases

Well, blockchain offers a large number of use cases, and not all use cases would be suitable for all companies. That is why it will be your duty to analyze the needs of your customers and offer the best enterprise blockchain use cases that they can take advantage of.

Developing Business Cases

Finally, you’ll need to develop business cases to provide your customers with a complete model that can generate more revenue for them in the long run.

3. Provide technical support

Basically, in this type of blockchain consulting jobs, you would have to provide APIs, frameworks, architectures or any kind of technical support. In reality, these responsibilities are next level, and only the best consultants can take them to the POC level.

If you recently joined a blockchain consulting firm, try proving your previous client’s track record. It is actually the best way to learn how the professional consultant works.

Technology Strategy

Still, you’ll need to come up with a solid technology strategy that works best for businesses.

Framework Implementation

Next, you may need to implement blockchain frameworks for your clients. You can also use enterprise frameworks like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Quorum, Ripple, etc.

Recommend pre-built solutions

Your company may have designed similar solutions before. You can use that if you think it’s more suitable for your client.

Offering reference architecture

Still, you may need to follow your customer’s reference architecture and make some changes to make it a solution.

POC Development

In reality, you may need to develop a blockchain proof of concept for your clients. To learn what the blockchain can really bring you, you need to have a working POC.

Offering APIs

For the business case to be a great success, you may need to offer support for APIs. So for that, you will need coding experience.

4. Factor management

This type of responsibility in blockchain consulting jobs is quite new. In most cases, you may not need to do any of the following. But the best thing is to know how to be aware of it. In reality, the technology is unique and can have many risk factors. Therefore, it is important to prepare for blockchain risks in advance.

If you can explore them and come up with a better idea, you will surely shine in your blockchain consultant jobs. Other offerings such as tax analysis, ICO risk, and audit services also fall under this category.

Risk Analysis

Before you begin your solution, you should analyze the risk factors you might be dealing with. After all, the success rate of the project depends mainly on your advice.

Explore the legal terms

Before giving advice on any type of blockchain solution, you should explore the regulatory conditions of a country. Actually, you definitely don’t want to give advice on something illegal.

Governance Structure

You may need to enter a form of governance structure for the solution you are working on.

Data Privacy

It doesn’t come with all kinds of blockchain consulting jobs; rather, only a handful of companies mention this.

Risk Management Offering

Your clients may want you to manage their risk factors as well. In any case, if your company doesn’t offer them, make sure you use reputable third-party resources for that.

Regulatory Compliance

Try to offer regulatory compliance as these are the most needed in an enterprise level blockchain solution.

Cultivate digital trust

In reality, you may need to be adept at predicting what consumers would feel about a change. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you can also earn the digital trust of consumers.

5. Integration Processes

The integration process comes with its fair share of difficult responsibilities. These are mainly suitable for blockchain consultants who have previous experience in the field. Since they are in the more advanced category, you will probably be in a higher position with a high salary.

Also, you should know that these responsibilities have many obstacles that you can only deal with if you have problem-solving skills.

Recovering from a disaster

You must be prepared to deal with any type of disastrous situation, as there is no certainty of what could happen. Furthermore, you must have problem-solving skills to recover quickly from a disaster.

Business Continuity

As time passes, you must devise a changing business outlook to maintain your customer’s business continuity. Without proper changes over time, it can become outdated.

Data Protection

If you have experience as a developer, you will need to add a security layer to your solution.

Blockchain Integration with Legacy Systems

If you have a technical background, you may be able to land blockchain consultant jobs that require you to integrate the solution into legacy networks. It is an extremely crucial task, and you need to be very careful.

Modifying Business

Processes Typical business processes will not work with blockchain. Therefore, you need to create a modified version of your business processes.

Manage Cloud Interfaces

Cloud interfaces have weak security, and this is why you might be in a position where you are managing all of your blockchain client’s cloud interfaces.

Using Data Standards

Lastly, you may need to use common data standards to align with other blockchain networks. Therefore, you need to be skilled in understanding how they work.

Where to Start: Enterprise Blockchain Certification Course

Many of you may be wondering now that you know the responsibilities of the job and the benefits, but how and where do you start? Well, the best option at the moment would be to get a certification or complete a course. Why?

Well, basically, these courses offer the best analysis of how the blockchain industry works and offer value that you can learn from. Maybe you are a blockchain developer, but you have no idea how blockchain affects enterprise business.

So the course can definitely help you learn more about it. On the other hand, you could be a trading advisor, but blockchain is a foreign technology to you. Therefore, you can also enroll in this course to learn about the core technology itself.

I highly recommend you check out our collection of blockchain courses as it offers all the essential information you need to learn more about blockchain and business. It’s the perfect combination!

Final Thoughts

Well, blockchain consultant jobs might seem like an easy task for some of you at first. But it is as important and difficult work as any blockchain development. The worst part is that you can find many blockchain consultants online who claim they are the best and get discouraged because there is too much competition. However, in reality, that is not the case at all.

We recommend starting with our Building Your Career in Enterprise Blockchain course which will help you understand what kind of skills you need.

In reality, very few people have the ability to be called proper blockchain consultants, while others simply claim to be consultants without any prior knowledge of anything. So don’t lose hope! It is an extremely good career choice, and with the right skills, you can become a blockchain consultant.

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