Blockchain Lyrics Money Man

Blockchain Lyrics Money Man

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(Section 8 just cooked this motherfucker)


Bought a little Polkadot, bought a little VeChain

Bought a little SafeMoon, houses have a safe place, party in Cancun

Fuckin’ with Coinbase Pro, got Zcash Fucking

With Robinhood out I got a free bag

And I’m on the blockchain, burning on the blockchain, damn this shit got octane

Chillin’ in the Hawks game, then I hit the cheat spot just to get outbags

20K in a lil’

Altcoins in the red, I’ll take ’em

My young nigga hit a lick, he sellin’ P’s half off

I’ma go to Mars on niggas, I’ma blast off

I’ll hit Fendi in the mall, I’ll cash out

Bad bitch walkin’ around the crib with my ass outside

The feds tryna conspire with a nigga but I’m too slick

Every time you see me on the ‘Gram I’m in a new ‘fit

Rich God made a nigga shirt and it’s slim fit

Bad lil’ vibe in the room and she skinny thick

She just wanna bend that ass, she gonna take the dick

New body this shit

is a spaceship You ain’t got at least 20K, don’t say shit

Riding in the C8, damn, a nigga

feel great I’ll be on the spot selling bags, I

don’t on the yacht I was on the yacht With Tony Hawk talkin’ ’bout a big cake

If you get to the money then I know you relate

Got a lot of tensions nigga I just served three states

Almost got too black burning Cheesecake come

She say she want a boss ’cause her boyfriend is a tightwad

She say she want a boss ’cause she boyfriend a real lame

Talking on IG Live I be spitting real game

Rose gold Audemars, pink and white Cuban chain

50K solitaire earring screws

I can get a nigga life for a few racks

This a new flavor of the month this a new pack

I spent that old dead money these some new shelves

Blueberry Melon in my paper got me chilled

Smokers love a nigga they’ll call me back

Fell for a minute, but I had to go back

All I see is hate, nigga, where the fuck’s love?

I ain’t broke shit, baby, I’m a rich man

I don’t feel like sliding, so I might as well pay a hitman

I felt like Morray when he was broke, in quicksand

If Quay riding with me in the Chopper, call him a stick man

I’m not with the small time shit, call me big man

He has never worked, he has soft hands.

The package just arrived and it’s already gone, nigga

Gotta cash out, I ain’t doin’ no credit


Bought a little Polkadot, bought a little VeChain

Party in Cancun, fuckin’ with Coinbase

Burnin’ on blockchain, damn, this shit is an

octane party in Cancun, fuckin’ with Coinbase

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