Cyber Girl Metaverse

Cyber Girl Metaverse

cyber girl metaverse

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The unique collection of 11,111 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain embodies a fascinating mix of cyberpunk and diversity of femininity. The collection is based on the ERC-721 standard, stored in IPFS.

These are incarnations of three heroines: Kayla, Sofia and Megan. They have 83 different hairstyles, a total of 18 have drones, 14 have helmets, 11 have backpacks, and 57 have weapons. Among all the NFTs, 1000 are the rarest, marked with blue frames.

Gather the beauties, then farm ERC-20 and stake your NFTs in our DEX lab. 

9,999 Cyber ​​Girls will be sold publicly. 1112 are reserved by the team to cover marketing and listing costs, unused ones will be burned.

7% of unclaimed public sales will be destroyed forever!

The sale will launch on January 6, 2022.

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