DigiByte-powered world’s first blockchain password manager

DigiByte-powered world’s first blockchain password manager

AntumID has finally completed the development of the first password manager to use blockchain technology, Digibyte, to enhance its security features.
DigiByte-powered world’s first blockchain password manager

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AntumID has finally completed the development of the first password manager to use blockchain technology, Digibyte, to enhance its security features.

Thanks to DigiByte, password manager meets blockchain

The safe use of the Internet and its benefits these days is not something that can be easily achieved. It usually involves a lot of security tools and apps, like VPNs, password managers, and the like. Even then, users have no real guarantee that their passwords will remain secure.

Why? Because vulnerabilities and faulty code allow even security tools to be hacked, this is how stored information is stolen.

However, blockchain technology promises much greater security. The combination of security tools, such as password managers, significantly improves the chances of keeping stored data safe. AndumID’s new announcement seems to open the doors, as the world’s first password manager that doesn’t have to save a password went live on the DigiByte blockchain earlier this month.

The manager is now available for download and offers a free version for Chrome. The first-of-its-kind version of a password manager was created by using AntumID technology and DigiByte’s Blockchain technology.

It’s called Digi-ID/AntumID DigiPassword Advanced and acts as an advanced Chrome extension for the Digi-ID/AntumID app. All users need to do is click/scan the DigiPassword QR code through the app. The Chrome extension will ensure that the QR code is generated based on the user’s preferred site domain. The code can then be used to create a unique password or key, which can be used for various purposes.

In a nutshell, DigiByte’s new blockchain-powered password manager will ensure that not only is it kept secure, but also that a user’s password fields are entered fully automatically. The app shows great promise and is considered by many to be the next step in achieving higher levels of online security. Traditional password managers were already considered very secure, as long as they were protected by a strong master password.

With the use of blockchain technology (technology that is immutable, hack-resistant, and completely decentralized), the security of password management applications can only get better, as user passwords are no longer stored on centralized servers.

Meanwhile, the blockchain processes are seamlessly integrated into the application, being completely invisible to the end user. This makes the app as easy to use as any traditional password manager app. You are no longer forced to remember different passwords for different sites, but you also don’t have to trust the company to store your passwords and respect your privacy.

AntumID is known for its security apps like its SmartLogin browser plugins as well as its authenticator app. The authenticator app, for example, also requires the user to scan a QR code that would confirm their identity. Additional security measures for this app include scanning fingerprints or simply using a traditional PIN code to access the app and its features.

This way of accessing and using applications is generally perceived as more convenient, while blockchain enthusiasts (especially those at DigiByte) are happy to see this technology used for real-life applications. And, of course, that’s a good thing, especially now that most blockchain use cases are still theoretical.

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