Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. Creates Mining Division

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. Creates Mining Division

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (TSXV:BLOC) (FSE: BWSP) (OTC Pink: BLKCF) ("Global Blockchain" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary total Global Blockchain Mining Corp.
Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. Creates Mining Division

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Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (TSXV:BLOC) (FSE: BWSP) (OTC Pink: BLKCF) (“Global Blockchain” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary total Global Blockchain Mining Corp. has entered into an agreement to acquire a 49.9% stake in Coinstream Mining Corp., (“Coinstream”), the world’s first cryptocurrency mining company to employ the streaming model, providing a strategic …

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (TSXV: BLOC) (FSE: BWSP) (OTC Pink: BLKCF) (“Global Blockchain” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary Global Blockchain Mining Corp. has signed an agreement to acquire a 49.9% stake. at Coinstream Mining Corp., (“Coinstream”), the world’s first cryptocurrency mining company to employ the streaming model, providing strategic seed capital and additional payment upon cryptocurrency delivery, to select, tested, best in class operators and operations, in exchange for a flow of future production of cryptocurrencies, at a fixed price.

Coinstream has added 10 megawatts of power in purpose-built data centers located in a low-cost-of-energy (less than $0.04/kWh) jurisdiction of Manitoba, Canada.

The initial transmission deals, once funded, will increase current bitcoin production and allow delivery over 5 years of:

  • a total of 2,500 bitcoins per year, at a fixed cost of $1,000 per bitcoin payable upon delivery.
  • In the event that, and at the time the bitcoin price trades above $15,000, the fixed cost payment would amount to $1,500 USD.
  • In the event that the network hash rate exceeds certain predetermined levels for an extended period of time, the fixed cost payment would be adjusted upwards.

Over the life of the contracts, the company would receive 12,500 bitcoins, representing a current undiscounted value of approximately CAD112,500,000 at the bitcoin price at the time of this announcement.

In exchange for these flows, Coinstream will:

  • Provide $10,000,000 applied to CAPEX-related costs to its experienced industry operating partners, and
  • will be entitled to retain 100% ownership of the underlying mining equipment, until repayment of your initial capital contribution (“Repayment Period”). ”), and
  • retain ownership of 50% of the current value of the equipment, thereafter, and
  • retain the right to adjust the mix of cryptocurrencies received in the flow to include other major cryptocurrencies.

Coinstream’s primary goal with its underlying streaming deals is to provide non-dilutive capital to existing cryptocurrency miners operating in the most favorable jurisdictions globally, to become the preferred source of capital for miners eager to expand and scale their mining operations. operations, and thereby rapidly build a significant critical mass of diversified flows of bitcoin and other pioneering currencies at a fixed price, providing maximum exposure, certainty and advantage for investors and shareholders who wish to participate in the emergence of this important new class of assets.

Shidan Gouran, President of Global Blockchain, stated: “Coinstream is answering the call of those looking to take full advantage of the regularly forecast potential parabolic price growth of major cryptocurrencies, from a net long bias, contracted and derisked. against the need to maintain operations. and guaranteed by the value of the operating team that represents the majority of the CAPEX allocation”.

This strategy also allows Coinstream to aggressively scale with multiple teams across multiple geographies, further reducing risk. The response and inflow of interest in this form of capital has been tremendous. The Company hopes that this is the first in a series of flows that its Global Blockchain Mining subsidiary will conclude and encourages other miners globally to contact the email address provided below.

Mr. Gouran continued: “As a new asset class, investors may be concerned about changes in operating costs and changes in technology and what that may mean for them. With the streaming model, there is now an easily calculable value for our contracts that can be easily modeled at various prices for bitcoin.”

Chairman Stephen Nerayoff noted: “While the Company did not originally plan to invest in mining, the establishment of our subsidiary Global Blockchain Mining Corp. to study these opportunities was the result of a chain of events that we could not ignore. This new company creates a unique platform through which these opportunities can be exploited in a way that allows counterparties to maintain control of their operations, formulate their own strategies and strengthen their own positions as members of this important emerging area. It facilitates a lower cost and less dilutive source of strategic growth capital for them.

For Global Blockchain, the Company can effectively access the wholesale supply of cryptocurrencies from diversified operators and operations and help create and foster a mutually beneficial way to support our partners as well as the growth of the industry. Global Blockchain’s mining subsidiary, Global Blockchain Mining Corp, will focus on aggregating bitcoin and other major currencies, at or near the direct cost of mining, and other than your initial upfront payment, with no ongoing capital costs, which will allow shareholders to benefit from a solid margin. growth in an environment of rising cryptocurrency prices.”


The Company believes that its mining subsidiary Global Blockchain Mining Corp., as a pure cryptocurrency company, the first in the cryptocurrency mining business, represents a highly viable independent entity on its own with a uniquely differentiated business model. of others. verticals and focuses within Global Blockchain Technologies Corp.

As such, the Company is investigating and intends to seek a settlement agreement with its newly created wholly-owned subsidiary, Global Blockchain Mining Corp., to carry out a settlement plan . Through the deal, the Company intends to list Global Blockchain Mining Corp, along with all of its mining streaming interests, as a publicly traded Canadian entity.

Global Blockchain Mining aims to build shareholder value by offering investors high-margin cost predictability, direct leverage to increase cryptocurrency prices, additional growth through the cumulative acquisition of new streams, and a diversified operating base. and high quality. Global Blockchain Mining represents the next generation of crypto miners.

Completion of the deal and listing of Global Blockchain Mining will be subject to regulatory approval of this transaction, shareholder approval, the British Columbia Supreme Court and the TSX Venture Exchange.


The Coinstream team consists of the following individuals:

Michael Kahiri, (MBA) Chief Executive Officer

Industrial and Management Engineer and MBA (Finance) with over 10 years of experience in logistics, supply chain and operations management. Michael specializes in digital and online marketing and systems.

Michael is responsible for the overall vision and execution, including overseeing the team, achieving best-in-class cryptocurrency security and system infrastructure to achieve target KPIs.

Roman Buzaker Chief Operating Officer

an academic background in electrical engineering technology, economics and management, Roman has over 14 years of experience as an Internet entrepreneur and is fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian.

Roman is responsible for automation, system and energy efficiency, and scalability of crypto mining operations.

Igal Sudman, (BA) Business Development

leading business and investment professional in the Real Estate, Algorithmic and Quant Trading emerging industries, and is an active investor and advisor to startups. Igal speaks English, Hebrew and Russian fluently.

Igal focuses on blockchain market research and insights, securing vendor contracts, and building industry associations.

Sharon Steiman Chief Technology Officer

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert with 13+ years of experience in high-level technical support, systems analysis, systems administration, and data center design for large-scale data centers for international organizations, from concept to user implementation. Sharon is fluent in English, Hebrew and Spanish.

Sharon is responsible for the physical setup, implementation, and support oversight of crypto mining hardware and systems.

Closing Terms and Conditions

49.9% of the issued and outstanding shares of Coinstream will be acquired by Global Blockchain Mining Corp. in exchange for 3.8 million shares of Global Blockchain common stock.

The deal remains subject to several preconditions, including Global Blockchain raising no less than US$30,000,000, at which point they would commit to funding US$10,000,000.

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