Louis Vuitton’s NFT Game

Louis Vuitton’s NFT Game

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Louis: The Game was released in August 2021 by the popular fashion house Louis Vuitton. The game sees you accompany a virtual character named Vivienne to help her through a virtual world where you will search and collect exclusive NFT postcards.

Released nine months ago to celebrate the brand’s 200th anniversary, the game now has more than two million downloads.

The main mission of the game is for players to help Vivienne, the brand’s virtual avatar, find a sixteen-page manuscript in the first level. Then, in the second level of the game, players will try to collect up to 200 candles denoting the brand’s birthday as it celebrates its 200th anniversary.

The candles highlight the founding and history of the iconic Louis Vuitton and once you can reach a certain level in the game, you will qualify for an entry raffle. The giveaway is currently running and will last until August 4, 2022, giving players new to the game still time to get tickets.

Now with additional NFTs designed by celebrities

The first game release to use seven fantasy locations inspired by real-life famous fashion cities such as London, Paris and Munich. The latest version has been expanded with two new locations, challenges, and collectibles that you can hunt, including 10 new NFTs featuring Vivienne in different skin types.

The ten new postcards were created in collaboration with famed NFT designer Mike Winkelmann, Wenew Labs, and Beeple, whose fantastic art sold for $69 million at Christes’ last March.

Louis Vuitton aims to reach a new, younger audience with fresh takes on its haute couture. Here’s hoping a little NFT magic refreshes the brand.

Louis: The Game is currently available to download on the Apple App Store for iOS users and on the Google Play Store for Android users.

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