Meta Copied VR Technology Metaverse Gaming Immersion

Meta Copied VR Technology Metaverse Gaming Immersion

copied vr to metaverse gaming immersion

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Meta Platforms Inc. built its industry-leading virtual reality headset by infringing Immersion Corp.’s patents, the smaller company has alleged in a lawsuit.

The market-dominating Meta Quest 2 infringes six patents covering haptic technology, Immersion said in a complaint filed Thursday in federal court in Waco, Texas. In video game systems and controllers, haptics allow users to experience vibrations that mimic real-life forces, like blocking a punch in a virtual boxing game.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to spend $10 billion a year to bring his vision of a VR-enabled metaverse to life. Sales of Meta Quest 2 reached 8.7 million units in 2021, double that of the previous year, and the company owns 80% of the market.

Immersion is seeking an injunction blocking Meta’s use of the infringing technology and unspecified damages.

Meta representatives did not immediately respond outside of regular business hours to a request for comment.

Immersion, which specializes in haptic patents, is known for taking on some of the world’s largest companies in licensing disputes.

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