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I recently came across a presentation by Paul Mampilly about a warehouse that holds the “key to a potential $3 trillion revolution” and a “$20 stock” that suggests it could make you a fortune.

In short, everything is focused on the rise of blockchain technology and a company that Paul believes is “the absolute best way” to take advantage of this opportunity.

What actions does Paul Mampilly mock?

Paul does not reveal the blockchain company he is bullish on during the presentation. Instead, it details everything in a report titled “Blockchain Fortunes: The Company at the Forefront of a $3 Trillion Revolution,” which is obtained with a subscription to Profits Unlimited.

With that being said, I went through the clues you provided in the presentation and I think I’ve identified Paul Mampilly’s blockchain stock pick. In this post, I’ll show you exactly what I found.

Does Paul Mampilly’s Unveiling Warehouse Hold The Key To A $3 Trillion Revolution?

Paul Mampilly began the presentation by showing an image of an ordinary-looking warehouse and stating that what’s inside could “hold the key to a technological revolution that is about to transform the entire global economy”.

According to Paul, experts project that technology could grow 4,000% in the next few years, going from a $4 billion industry to a $163 billion industry.

He even goes so far as to say that he could “hit the reset button” on all human activity.

Make no mistake…what is happening inside warehouses like these at this very moment is going to “hit the reset button” on all human activity.

From there, he talks about how there are three phases to technology adoption (innovation, acceptance and saturation) and how the best way to make money is to “find a company with a breakthrough technology that is about to enter the acceptance phase ..

He then provides numerous examples of how he did it

For example, Paul says he saw Sarepta Therapeutics when it was entering phase two (the acceptance phase) and did 2539% in eight months, Netflix (329% in two years) and Universal Display (293% in three years). .

Long story short, he sums it up by saying that he thinks the technology inside the warehouse is about to enter the acceptance phase.

My point is that I believe without a doubt that this new technological revolution that is unfolding inside this warehouse is about to enter the acceptance phase.

Finally, he reveals that the technology he is referring to is blockchain technology. And it more or less says that this technology could change the world.

What you are looking at is a network of machines that are the infrastructure behind… blockchain.

It is replacing the decades-old foundation of virtually every industry in the world.

I hope that everything you do…every bank transaction…every shipment tracked…every registration made…is recorded on a blockchain network.

What is blockchain technology?

A blockchain is a distributed database that stores information in linked (or “chained”) blocks in chronological order.

The first instance of a blockchain was with the invention of bitcoin in 2009. However, there are different types of blockchains that are used for different purposes. For example, many altcoins use their own blockchain, and some companies are using their own blockchain.

Either way, aside from its use with cryptocurrency, the main idea behind a blockchain is that it can potentially improve the security, transparency, and efficiency of a regular, centralized database. Of course, there is much more to it than this, but that is the gist.

And Paul claims that this technology is expected to “explode from a $4 billion industry to a $162 billion mega-industry” in the next few years, which may sound hyperbolic, but it’s a pretty modest prediction compared to some. presentations I have written about.

In any case, what company is Paul Mampilly talking about?

Paul Mampilly’s Blockchain Stock Pick Revealed

During the presentation, Paul Mampilly talks about how there is a company at the center of the “blockchain revolution” and while he doesn’t share the name of the company, I think I know which is according to the clues. he provided.

Since it shows a warehouse full of machines and the presentation focuses on blockchain, my initial thought was that it could be a bitcoin mining company.

The reason is that bitcoin mining companies use application-specific integrated chip (ASIC) machines to mine bitcoin, which are often found in department stores. But that led nowhere.

Another idea I had was that it could be a semiconductor chip maker that supplies the chips used by bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining machines. However, Paul Mampilly explicitly states in the presentation that the company you are interested in is NOT a chipmaker.

I’ve identified a Sunnyvale, California-based company that has been overlooked by Wall Street: It doesn’t make the chips themselves, but rather the interface software that allows these chips to talk to each other.

As a side note, while researching this I came across blog posts from other blogs in this space, and a couple assumed the stock was Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). However, as I’ll show in a moment, I don’t think this is the company.

First, because it’s a chipmaker, and second, it doesn’t fit the hint Paul Mampilly provides about how his blockchain stock pick is trading at $20 a share.

This technology is as obscure as it is essential. And the market doesn’t take notice of this company right now: it’s trading at just $20 a share.

So what is the company?

I think Paul Mampilly’s blockchain stock pick is Rambus (RMBS).

To explain why, let’s look at a summary of the remaining clues that Paul Mampilly provides in the presentation, then I’ll explain why I think it’s Rambus.

This company finalized a landmark deal with Visa in 2019… the credit card giant acquired the company’s blockchain integration software.

This technology is poised to integrate with approximately 90% of Visa’s total payment volume…

So it’s no mystery why the company is predicting a massive increase in revenue over the next year, from $224 million at the end of the year. from 2019 to a whopping $350 million just under. one year from now.

Now here’s why I think Rambus is compatible:

  • Paul Mampilly says that the company you’re interested in makes the “interface software that allows these chips to talk to each other.” And according to Wikipedia, Rambus Incorporated “is an American technology company that designs, develops, and licenses chip interface technologies and architectures used in digital electronic products.”
  • Paul also claims that the company is based in Sunnyvale, California. Actually, this is what helped me find it because I googled “interface software for semiconductors in Sunnyvale, California” and that led me to Rambus. However, this also puzzled me because Rambus is located in San Jose. But then I found out (see Wikipedia article above) that Rambus was located in Sunnyvale and moved to San Jose in 2019. So I think the presentation may be a little out of date.
  • According to a press release on businesswire.com, “Rambus’ token technology will enable Visa to extend the security and convenience of tokenization to all types of transactions beyond Visa cards…” And according to the same press release from press, “approximately 90% of Paul Mampilly’s comment on the total volume of Visa payments appears correct.
  • Company revenue was approximately $224 million in 2019.

Based on the above, I believe that Rambus is the “Company number 1 at the center of the Blockchain revolution” that Paul Mampilly talks about in the presentation.

That being said, one thing I want to make clear is that while Rambus closely agrees with Paul Mampilly’s suggestions, it is not technically a blockchain company.

And Paul Mampilly also doesn’t actually claim to be a blockchain company, the entire presentation is about blockchain technology, but he never uses the term “blockchain stock” or “company.” chain of blocks” when referring to it.

Instead, he suggests that his choice is “at the forefront” of the blockchain revolution. So my point is that it’s not strictly a blockchain company in any way rules it out.

However, while what the company does is a bit beyond me, based on my research, Rambus appears to manufacture at least some of the technology related to cryptocurrency mining.

So I think Rambus is the company that Paul is talking about in the presentation.

To be sure, the best thing to do is read the report he put together called “Blockchain Fortunes: The Company at the Forefront of a $3 Trillion Revolution.”

This report details the company that Paul Mampilly recommends, and the only way to access the report is to subscribe to Profits Unlimited for $47.

What is Profits Unlimited and How Does It Work?

Profits Unlimited is an investment newsletter service edited by Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill Publishing, and focuses on emerging technology trends.

For example, Paul researches opportunities in things like 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things.

So it’s not just about blockchain; This is just one of the sectors that interest you. And as a member of Profits Unlimited, you get access to the latest investment ideas, research and information from Paul Mampilly within the monthly report.

Every month, he does an article on an investment topic that interests him, and this usually involves a new stock that he is bullish on and why.

Other than that, subscribers to the service get access to resources like the model portfolio, trade alerts, updates on the recommendations you’ve made, and some bonus reports.

In this case, Paul Mampilly offers three bonus reports for those who join through the “warehouse” presentation that focuses on blockchain technology:

  • Blockchain Fortunes: The company that could earn you 15 times your money
  • The company that leads the $19 Trillion Revolution
  • 5 Tech Stocks That Will Fuel the Next Industrial Revolution

Each report details an investment Paul recommends, why, and how to take advantage of his recommendations using your own brokerage account.

How much is it?

Unlimited benefits are $47, $79, or $129, depending on which membership option you choose on the order page. And it comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly was a hedge fund manager and editor for numerous services at Banyan Hill Publishing, including Profits Unlimited, Rapid Profit Trader, True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, and many others. He also contributes to a free newsletter called Bold Profits Daily.

According to his profile on the Banyan Hill website, Paul began his career with Banker’s Trust in 1991 before working for the Royal Bank of Scotland and ING.

Based on that, it sounds like Paul has over 30 years of experience in the world of finance, including his time as a hedge fund manager and writing newsletters for Banyan Hill.

It’s unclear what Paul Mampilly’s average track record is, but he seems to have recommended some great stocks over the years, mostly tech-related.


Paul Mampilly’s choice for “blockchain stocks” appears to be Rambus Incorporated. As mentioned, Rambus is technically not a blockchain company, but some of the company’s work relates to this field and aligns with the clues Paul shares in the presentation.

So I think Rambus (ticker RMBS) is the stock.

If you want to be sure, the best thing to do is sign up for a $47 Profits Unlimited subscription and read Paul Mampilly’s “Blockchain Fortunes” report. Because that report details everything you need to know about the company you’re interested in and why.

Is Profits Unlimited worth it?

I think whether or not Profits Unlimited is worth it will depend on the person.

For example, if you’re looking for a low-cost consulting service that focuses on emerging technology, it might be worth checking out.

However, there are alternative notices if you want to join a stock notice that shares information on a broader range of sectors in addition to emerging technology.

Either way, keep in mind that there are risks involved. Although Paul Mampilly is a true expert and his service is legitimate, that does not mean that you are guaranteed to make money. So, as with any service, you shouldn’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

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