Startup Says Tech Can Inflict Metaverse

Startup Says Tech Can Inflict Metaverse

startup says tech can inflict metaverse

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A Japanese startup called H2L Technologies claims that you will be able to feel pain within the metaverse, through a bracelet that emits small electrical discharges.

“Feeling pain allows us to turn the world of the metaverse into a real [world], with greater feelings of presence and immersion,” H2L CEO Emi Tamaki told the FT.

The Sony-backed startup’s wearable isn’t designed with just inflicting pain in mind. It’s also meant to convey a “feeling of weight and resistance to users and avatars in the Metaverse,” according to the company.

The bracelet’s electrical stimulation allows it to emulate a variety of sensations, from catching a ball to a bird nipping at the wearer’s skin.

Tamaki’s goals are much bigger than a simple bracelet. She hopes to “free humans from any kind of constraint in terms of space, body and time” in the next decade.

The idea for the haptic wearable reportedly came to him after he had a near-death experience in his teens due to congenital heart disease.

“I realized that life was precious, so I decided to work in a new field that I really wanted to delve into, since there was no one doing research at the time,” Tamaki told the FT.

For her, it’s a way to connect with the outside world, especially for people like her who “don’t have enough muscle due to heart disease.” His dream is to “travel anywhere, anytime” through technology, even if it means going through physical pain.

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