Vine is working on NFT blockchain video games

Vine is working on NFT blockchain video games

Supdrive is a new initiative from Vine co-founder and creator Dom Hofmann, best known for his work on Byte and Peach.
Vine is working on NFT blockchain video games

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Supdrive is a new initiative from Vine co-founder and creator Dom Hofmann, best known for his work on Byte and Peach. His tweet about Supdrive refers to it as a “chain fantasy game console”, but that doesn’t really clarify what this project will be like. You can read their announcement post, which you can find here: It will be a video game system that plays classic-style games (like Pacman or Asteroid), with NFT serving as an actual cartridge for the games.

The NFTs will run on virtual firmware on the Supdrive Discord channel created by Hofmann. Only so many “editions” or copies will be accessible due to the fact that NFTs will be published. Additionally, Hofmann claims that each copy of a given game will be unique, with varying color palettes and difficulty levels for each player.


Blockchain-based NFTs allow you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital goods, and you can keep track of who owns them. “Non-Fungible Token” is an acronym for “Non-Redeemable Token” and can be used to store anything digital, from animated GIFs to music and video game products. Single NFTs or multiple copies of the same file are possible, but the blockchain keeps track of who owns the file.

With high-profile memes like Nyan Cat and “deal with it” sunglasses going up for auction, NFTs have been making headlines recently. There is also a lot of talk about the enormous electricity consumption and environmental implications of NFTs. In case you still have questions, we have prepared an FAQ section for you.

In his description of Supdrive, Hofmann makes a comparison to another blockchain initiative called Art Blocks, which may give us a better indication of what to expect. Art Blocks is a platform that allows artists to create programs that generate art and store it on the blockchain. For a particular seed, the programs will always produce the same artwork, however, altering the seed alters the appearance of the artwork (Minecraft players may be familiar with this type of system). When they do this, they buy NFTs for an Art Block project, which will contain a seed, allowing them to make that art themselves.

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NFT Blockchain Video Games

Hofmann’s description of a chain console that plays unique games seems to fit this scenario. There are still many unknowns, such as how many copies of each game will be available and at what price.

According to Hofmann’s article, if the initiative is successful, he intends to hand over game development on Supdrive to the community. It is also possible that it will add new features to the system, such as the ability to play more complicated games. Origin is the name of the first game created by Hofmann.

Supdrive users are divided into red, green, and blue teams in a metagame reminiscent of Pokémon. If Hofmann is right, the team you play for could have an impact on your performance. However, on Discord, the different tone teams just joke around and make fun of each other.

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