Will Let People Human Readable Usernames Blockchain

Will Let People Human Readable Usernames Blockchain

will let people humanreadable usernames blockchain

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Good news for the Blockchain world, as the use of hard-to-remember codenames in the world’s largest crypto wallet provider will not be mandatory.

Blockchain.com has announced that it will allow people to use human-readable usernames in blockchain transactions, made possible through a partnership with Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable Domains is a domain name provider for blockchain, the ledgers behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In these books there are names that are impossible to remember, so it is necessary to always have to resort to “the notes” to find out the details of the transactions carried out. That creates a problem, because if we lose the names of the wallets, we won’t be able to recover the cryptocurrencies. Now we can make the username easier to remember, so we only have to worry about never losing the password.

In addition to knowing that our wallet is called “tolkien2021”, to say the least, it will be more difficult for us to make mistakes when sending money to someone, since having a username makes our brain associate it much more with another person . intuitive than if it is a random collection of 30 characters.

The problem they solve is that if until now a person typed the address of a wallet wrong, those funds could be lost forever, there is no customer service telephone number to solve the problem. Making a bitcoin payment is scary, there is no room for error.

So far Blockchain.com has 32 million verified users in 200 countries, and with this change they will make cryptocurrencies more attractive to everyone, greatly simplifying the process.

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