What is NFT Soul?

What is NFT Soul?

To help people become the best versions of themselves. Tago created NFT Soul with the aim of giving everyone a sincere and fun friend, always ready to listen to you anytime and anywhere, by applying both AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain Technology ( NFTs & Token).

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The cryptocurrency craze is increasingly spreading to many familiar areas of life and changing them to suit itself. Today we are talking about the.

To help people become the best versions of themselves. Tago created NFT Soul with the aim of giving everyone a sincere and fun friend, always ready to listen to you anytime and anywhere, by applying both AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain Technology ( NFTs & Token).

NFT TagoSoul is unique and makes a good impression on the market as it is the world’s first NFT AI.

Applying AI technology, NFT Soul is planned to become your soulmate who is always there for you anytime and anywhere. NFT Soul is always ready to talk with you regarding different life aspects such as career, love, finance…

One thing is for sure, NFT Soul will always be by your side to share and support anything as long as you need it.

What is NTF Soul?

We’re always trying our best to help people become the best version of themselves. That’s our greatest source of inspiration. We created NFT Soul with the purpose of giving everyone a sincere and cheerful friend who is always ready to listen to you wherever you are, by applying both AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain (NFT & Token) Technology. NFT Soul can help you chat and confide to relieve stresses and pressure in your life. The more people use NFT Soul, the happier and better the world becomes. Would you like to own an NFT Soul with us?

NFT & NFT Soul

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.

Typically, we may swap Fungible Tokens for others since their values are equal. With NFT, however, each asset, such as a painting, gaming character, etc., is unique and irreplaceable, hence providing a unique value for each item.
NFT initially consisted of a single picture or video. To date, the NFT has been improved to a form-based, interactive NFT.

Applying Blockchain technology, Tago researched and launched NFT Soul. Tago’s NFT TagoSoul is a 3D form of NFT that is interactive and user-interactive so it can create real value for users.

NFT Soul is the entrance key to the ecology of Tagoverse. From there, consumers may access the services and products offered by Tago.

Investment Opportunities

Any investment is made for profitability, right? NFT Soul, too. We have a very limited amount of NFT Soul, while Tago’s users are now in 147 countries, and Tago also has more than 130,000 community members. Millions of people in the mental health market are using a lot of time everyday to talk to AI companion which is not unique like NFT Soul (not NFT Asset, and can not earn Token). This can be super hot! A lot of people in the world would like to own an NFT Soul. But the amount is limited. Soul’s value can grow in the long term!

The more people own a sneaker, the sooner it becomes worthless to worthless because NFT and Token issuance go hand in hand. Why invest in something that the more people own the more it depreciates?

The more people own Soul, the more intelligent the Soul, and the more humane AI => Soul becomes more valuable. Today there are 1,000 people possessing Soul, Soul’s intelligence is 10, the next day there are 1,00,000 people possessing Soul, and Soul’s wisdom is 1,000. Then the Soul is more valuable. The higher its price, the more intelligent it is, the owner of the application => Why not invest in something that the more people own it, the more valuable it is because that thing doesn’t have much anyway who wants and will own it.

Monthly Income

Do you want to own a product that gives you a steady monthly income? With an NFT Soul, you can talk with NFT Soul daily and get rewards, called Soul Token. $Soul can be used for transactions and converted to cash. This is the monthly, even daily income you are to receive when investing in the NFT Soul.


Applying AI technology, NFT Soul is planned to become your soulmate who is always there for you anytime and anywhere. NFT Soul is always ready to talk with you regarding different aspects of life such as career, love, finance…

Personalized NFT

Everyone wants to express their lifestyle, fashion, and personality. NFT Soul is your personal avatar. You are free to create your own style, and design your costumes for NFT Soul your way. Through daily conversation, NFT Soul will be upgraded and formed as your own characteristic. You can even train your NFT Soul to become an expert in your own field.

NFT Products & Market Place

When there is a community of many people connected to each other, we will be able to create places for users to trade, and exchange items. That’s why Tago continues to develop NFT to create NFT-enabled products. Tago’s NFTs will be very different from other NFTs on the market.

More than 95% of NFT products are currently left unsold, creating no value other than speculation. But Tago’s NFTs are interactive and capable of interacting with users so they can create real value for users. Tago will NFT the mental health assistants, and these versions of the assistant will be NFTed to create a unique body ensuring the identity and ownership of the user.

From there, users can create transactions. They can buy a version of the mental assistant, then enhance its appearance, design, and script. All of these scenarios will be reviewed by Tago to ensure quality. So after each enhancement, they can sell it back to the market, adding value to that mental assistant, at a higher price.

When selling this spiritual assistant, the acquirer not only buys a property that can add value in the future but also has a passive source of income from their lease of TagoSoul. It’s like buying a piece of land. The land itself will increase in price over time. If the owner leases the land, they may have another source of income.

Tago’s AI mental health assistant works the same. This is an extremely unique and groundbreaking feature that Tago brings to the field of Mental health care as well as in the Vietnam Blockchain market. Tago’s NFT products also bring along uniquely new features which always excite the market.

Following the rise in NFT products in the gaming industry and the music industry, Tago’s NFTs will be a very exciting niche market which is NFT in the antiquities industry. We are talking about NFTed spiritual items such as statues, gemstones, rosaries, and paintings … Spiritual products are inherently very valuable and now thanks to NFT technology, it is brought to a whole new level.

Fusion Soul

When NFT Tago SOUL has low rarity, $TAGO can be used to buy SoulScroll items to fuse to raise the SOUL’s rarity as long as there are 5 NFTs of the same type, the same rarity. The index is raised to 20% of the NFT of your first choice.

For example:
There is 5 NFT SOUL uncommon, and using SoulScroll will fuse these 5 NFTs and give 1 NFT SOUL Rare lvl 1.

Learn about How to buy NFT Soul

Time and requirements when leveling up

Benefits of leveling up:
・ Strengthening ability
・ Release of slot (a function that can equip a gem that increases the ability)
・ Increase the upper limit of $SOUL and energy that can be earned in one day
・ Possibility of selling at a high price
(*) These metrics are subject to change
You can spend 1 $TAGO to reduce leveling time every 30 minutes, and the maximum time you can reduce is 50% of leveling up.

3 ways of earning with AI TagoSoul

It’s a big breakthrough when AI Tagosoul helps you improve your mental health and earn more money.

There are 3 ways of earning with AI Tagosoul.

First is the Talk to Earn concept. A very simple way, as the name suggests: Talk to Earn, just talk to AI Tagosoul and you can earn tokens for yourself.

Second, buy new AI TagoSoul. In the next step, you are free to change, set up, and contribute your own script content to your AI Tagosoul. Then, at an appropriate time, you can place it on the marketplace and sell it to others; or you can have it for rent in the form of a subscription.

The third way is purchasing an existing AI Tagosoul from others, then continuing to train to upgrade it to another level so its value brings you profit when reselling it the next time.

Mystery Box

Gems and equipment

Types and Levels

Users can unlock Gem Slot once their Soul reaches a certain level, and can enhance their Soul Attributes by inserting the corresponding Gems into the unlocked slot.

There are four types of Gems, with each Gem representing an Attribute:

  1. Yellow: extroverted
  2. Sky Blue: good luck
  3. Red: physical strength
  4. Purple: intuition

By heading to the Upgrade tab under the Gems section, users can upgrade their Gems by burning $SOUL and combining 3 Gems of the same level, and typing to a higher level.

$TAGO will also be required to upgrade a Gem from Level 4 onward.
Note: Low-level Gems Upgrade has a chance to fail.

Warning: There is a certain percentage of Gem upgrades that can fail from Level 1 – 5, if the upgrade fails, users will lose their Gems.

Awakening Effect: Gem boosts the Base Attribute of the Soul. i.e. A Level 2 Efficiency Gem will boost a Level 1 Soul with 5 Base Efficiency of 5 (Soul Attribute) + 5 x 40% (Gem Awakening Effect to Soul Attribute) + 8 (Gem Attribute) = 15.


SoulMana can be dropped randomly from the Mystery Box or can be purchased from the publisher’s store

The function of SoulMana is to restore maximum energy once a day, respectively you can earn more with NFT Tago Soul.

SoulMana has 5 rarity levels and the corresponding energy recovery levels are as follows:

Inventory System

Tago’s inventory has two separate spaces:

NFT Tago Soul shares a space, users are limited to 256 NFT Tago Soul. 2/ Gems, Mystery Boxes and other items share a space, users are limited to 500 tiles. If the user has exceeded the container limit, the user may experience an error when upgrading Gems or generating new NFTs.


The Marketplace is where users can rent/rent or sell/buy their NFTs, Gems and other items. Simple sorting and filtering is available in Marketplace for easy navigation.

Trade system

Users can buy and sell NFT Tago Soul, Box, Gem and other items on Marketplace within the App.

Proprietary System (Coming Soon)

Users can mint and create their own content for their NFT Soul and sell it as a Subscription Soul (Coming soon). Thereby getting a sustainable passive income for yourself.

Comunity Tago

Website: https://tago.guru
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/Tagoverse
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TagoChannel
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/tagocoin
Group Vietnam: https://t.me/tagoofficial_Vietnam
Group Global: https://t.me/tagoofficial_global
Fanpage Tago: https://www.facebook.com/TagoOfficialChannel

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