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10th Legion NFT

10th legion nft

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About 10th-Legion

They call it New Eden, a gigantic architectural and technological marvel of winding streets and monolithic structures under flashing neon lights built to house a multicultural utopia, or so the corporations believe New Eden to be as they call it. they see from above their castles high in the sky. 

Only when you descend onto the crime-ridden streets and away from the safety of steel skyscrapers does New Eden get a new name: Dreadfall. 

No one really knows when powerful corporations became the new gods of the New Eden or when people willingly chained themselves up to become slaves. The only sure thing is that one day we wake up fearing and loathing our own human beings, and in doing so, we invite corporate leeches to possess every part of us, our minds, and even our souls. 


Team of the Tenth Legion

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