Bruce Lee NFT Ethernity

Bruce Lee NFT Ethernity

bruce lee nft ethernity

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The NFT platform announced that the drop will occur on January 8.

Bruce Lee’s family is jumping on the metaverse bandwagon as platform Ethernity.io prepares to coin a series of NFTs to celebrate the legacy of the Hong Kong and American martial artist and movie star.

Ethernity announced that the launch will take place on January 8 and the collection will be called The Formless Form.

The NFTs were designed by digital artists Raf Grassetti, BossLogic, and Anthony Francisco to commemorate the martial arts icon.

Bruce Lee’s official Twitter account, which is run by his daughter Shannon Lee and The Bruce Lee Family Company, promoted the launch with one of his quotes: “Look, there’s no one to fight, just an illusion to see through her.”

Ethernity described the movie star, who died in 1973, as “the legendary martial artist who transcended fighting form to become a cultural icon across media and borders around the world.”

Previous Collections

Prior to this launch, the platform also licensed the James Dean ‘Hollywood Icon’ NFT Collection, a Shaquille O’Neal NFT Series, Shaq Bundle, and the Muhammad Ali NFT Collection.

James Dean’s ‘Hollywood Icon’ Collection commemorated the life and times of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars on the big screen. The launch was done in conjunction with James Dean’s Estate and in association with CMG Worldwide and WorldwideXR.

December saw the Shaq Bundle drop on Polygon. The collection was a three-pack of digital NFT trading cards capturing Shaquille O’Neal’s dominance on the court at an All-Star Game in Denver in 2005.

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