Buffalo Wild Wings NFT

Buffalo Wild Wings NFT

buffalo wild wings nft

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For those who have cracked the code and can understand what NFTs are, you can earn free wings for a year of Buffalo Wild Wings with the purchase of your “NF-OT”.

The name is a play on NFTs (non-expendable tokens) and is a tribute to the 5th anniversary of the last Super Bowl game that ended in overtime, hence the insertion of ‘OT’. Buffalo Wild Wings will be selling three original NF-OTs displaying overtime-inspired original artwork by New York City street artist JordanNYC beginning on game day.

All NF-OT will be available for auction for 24 hours on Rarible.com from 12 p.m. m. ET on Sunday, February 13 until 12 p.m. m. ET on Monday, February 14. The first owners of each of the three NF-OTs also Receive free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings for one year.

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