Everyone Loves Age Of Sam Nft

Everyone Loves Age Of Sam Nft

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AGE of SAM (AOS) has built the strongest community in the NFT space as the first retention utility NFT to win from multiple Solana projects. AGE of SAM brings together the communities of Solana in an epic sci-fi adventure. With their innovative cross-pollination model, they have teamed up with the 12 largest Solana projects called the 12 House SOL factions and represented as “clones” called SAM (Solarium Autonomous Miners). These clones are generated by sampling the DNA of all 12 factions. this means that each SAM NFT is designed as a tribute to the associated project’s 12 NFTs, in an animated, pixelated form.

AOS incorporates Solana’s main projects (factions) into its lore and is the core of its concept. This incentivizes partners to help AOS grow, while also reaping the benefits of joining the AOS hub. In other words, one hand washes the other. A ‘rocket booster’ for partner projects doesn’t seem like a stretch, because it benefits all holders of those NFTs.

Gamified Participation: Earn $SOLARIUM during weekly lunar missions and compete for economic dominance on the dark side of the moon. By having a SAM NFT, anyone who also has an NFT from the 12 associated projects will earn up to 2X $SOLARIUM, the AOS utility token, during those weekly lunar missions.

P2E Game: A strategic dungeon crawler game is being developed with a AAA game studio, where players will earn $SOLARIUM. SAM NFTs represent playable characters and environments from the game. Play and win.

ART-AOS will be one of the first Solana NFTs with pixelated animation art. Unique art always stands out and is its own usefulness.

For more details on the 12 House SOL factions, Full Tokenomics, and Lightpaper, check out the AOS website.

The mint date is set to: Wednesday, February 16, 2022. Mint

time: 9 am EST to 9 pm EST; [2 pm (UTC) to 2 am (UTC)]

At 9 pm EST on Wednesday, the public sale will begin with whatever supply remains available.

Offer: 4000 available to mint

Price: White list 1 SOL Public sale 2 SOL

Happy minting everyone!

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