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Brenda Gentry left USAA as a mortgage underwriter in October 2021. This was after working there for over ten years. He quit his job in conventional banking to focus solely on bitcoin.

Gentry is currently the CEO of BundlesBets.com, a Web3 sports betting platform, and Gentry Media, a marketing company also run by her daughters, Cynthia and Imani.

The 2020 Covid-19 lockdown provided Brenda with an opportunity to start investing in cryptocurrency. After this, he focused entirely on cryptography, which is why he quit his 9 to 5 job.

He started small and then invested more.

In 2021, he made an interesting discovery. “My investment portfolio outgrew my 401(k), which would have taken me 11 years to do, I did in six months,” Brenda explains.

Although she is aware that investing in cryptocurrencies is dangerous, Brenda Gentry bases her success on her background in finance. This includes taking reasonable care before investing by doing your research.

She resides in San Antonio and sees cryptocurrency as a means to acquire and spread generational wealth. His family shares his enthusiasm for the “extraordinary prospects bitcoin presents as a level playing field for the unbanked and underbanked.”

Brenda Gentry and her daughters

16 years in banking and finance

I was mentally done with day-to-day finances. Still, it took him a year to quit his job. The main cause was that I wanted something more exciting and it came in the form of DeFi. He had also started a media company and was taking on marketing and consulting jobs in the NFT and DeFi space.


The transition was difficult at first because she loved her job and loved the working relationships she had built over the years. He felt that it was the end of an era. The reason for the rocky start. What made it easier, however, was hoping to be at the forefront of a new technology and a new asset class that would usher in generational wealth.

Today, Brenda Gentry is known on the internet as the “Crypto Mom”. She continues to invest in digital assets, but mainly runs her own brands that she oversees with her daughters Cynthia, 24, and Imani Gentry, 20.

On how she became the crypto mom, Brenda says the following:

“My daughters introduced me to the world of cryptocurrency and at first I was like…maybe I should try to be like everyone else and just lay low. Then I said, no, I love being a mother and I will admit it! ”.

Brenda feels blessed to have both of her daughters in space with her. Cynthia and Imani run Gentry Media Productions with her. This allows them to spend even more time together than when Crypto Mom had a 9 to 5 job at the bank.

His biggest cryptocurrency win, aside from his family, is taking ownership of BundlesBets.com, where he’s building a great product in hybrid sports prediction pools. This adopts the Web3 space that will also incorporate some aspects of Web2. Brenda has also advised on NFT projects such as BossBeauties, WomenAndWeapons, and TheRoyalsNFT.

On losses and lessons

Brenda Gentry isn’t without hers.

“I lost money trusting other people to host my mining, but later found out they were scammers. For me that is a loss. Otherwise, you don’t lose until you sell.”

When asked what would change in the blockchain ecosystem, Brenda maintains that the ecosystem is still in its infancy. And like any space, in the beginning, one has to deal with hustlers and rug pullers. “It’s like the Wild West right now,” in his own words. She cautions that it’s important to educate people about scams because they need to be highlighted.

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