High potential NFT project: “a kid called beast nft”

High potential NFT project: “a kid called beast nft”

That was the day they officially decided to build their brand on web3 and turn their concept into NFT.
High potential NFT project: “a kid called beast nft”

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That was the day they officially decided to build their brand on web3 and turn their concept into NFT. Basically, they started from that day with more than just a great concept. They told us that what we wanted to do could not be done and that we would stay in the current situation. We could have given up now. Instead, that’s exactly what got them further.

I remember thinking, “This is it, this is what I’ve been working on all my life.” I will not build someone else’s dream. This is your vision, your moment. Your success or failure will be solely on your own merit. On your own terms, with your own ideas, and with your own brand.

And at that moment a CHILD named BEAST was born. We had a dream, a love of culture, tons of ambition, and a BIG-eyed BOY who wasn’t affected by any obstacles. That was his story. Now, this is their common story.

We started with a single idea and a few like-minded people. Each of us had built other people’s dreams in our careers, but this was different. It was his labor of love. They are manufacturers and they are doing what manufacturers do best: innovate.

We innovate every day. We innovate in each concept. We innovate with every idea. With each mistake, we innovate more the next time. And because of this, the creators push the culture further.

Everything we have done and do from day one is to innovate for the love of culture. To make their dream, to move them, to make you feel special. To help the rebels of the world to build new realities. And you are the one who will help us write the rest of his story.


  • Information chain: ETH
  • Supply: 10,000 (20 factions/clicks of 500 each)
  • Release date: September 2022
  • Discord: discord.gg/ZCddErhhG6
  • Twitter: twitter.com/aKID
  • namedBEAST Website: a kid named beast .com

a KID named BEAST NFT Project Vision

a KID named BEAST is an augmented reality NFT project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to bridge physical and digital culture through art, fashion, music, and technology.

There are some fun interactive components inside to try and experiment with. They are a very useful project and their main artist/co-founder (Jaime Alvarez) has worked directly on art for Nike, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Meta, and Sony. The project will operate as individual neighborhoods called “beasts” in addition to the main community, with 20 factions of 500 beasts each. Community decisions will be determined in a DAO-like structure for each beast and the project as a whole. The Mint project offers the industry a first-person beast pick during the mining process, which will algorithmically determine the number of key traits for AKCB NFT characters in addition to beast settlements. This will create a level of personal engagement and encourage strong community engagement for your owners

  • This is a core expression of who you are.
  • It is a part of your nature.
  • Everyone has it within them;
  • Some are freer than others.
  • In the digital space, you can be free.
  • Free from the barriers of our physical worlds.
  • Express our true selves.

The project is a completely organic project and has had more than 30,000 followers on Twitter since its launch (https://twitter.com/akid named beast). It has a captivated and engaged audience for its size.


How to get a CHILD named BEAST Whitelist

We all start out as CHILDREN.

And you will also start in the playground. The monster list is our version of the mint list and represents our coveted community. If selected, it will be called a beast and will have the following rights:

  1. A new beast role.
  2. Access to Beasthood channels
  3. Access to the mint engine after activation.

How to get the role of Beastlist

Be yourself. Each person is carefully selected and we are not your typical NFT project based on levels and invitations. Bring your talents, passions, and energy. Build new friendships. Engaging with our social networks is not the only prerequisite. If you’re here to grind and flip, this may not be the NFT for you.

Why this approach?

We understand the importance of building a strong community through team market research. Culture is the focus of a BOY named BEAST. We need to make sure it’s strong, not just before launch. Our brand is positioned to be strong beyond the digital world, and we want to bring the right people with us.

CAUTION: Beast lists may be removed if they become inactive or do not follow our guidelines.

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