Is the AMC Investor Connect “APE” NFT Worth It?

Is the AMC Investor Connect “APE” NFT Worth It?

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The AMC Investor Connect program has provided a channel to give retail investors various benefits, including early showings, free popcorn, and NFTs. What is the value of AMC Investor Connect NFTs?

AMC shares benefited from the short squeeze that also boosted GameStop as retail investors clashed with Wall Street elites. The support prompted the theater chain to forge a stronger relationship with its retail investor community, resulting in the AMC Investor Connect program. In addition to providing investors with important updates from AMC Theaters, the program includes NFT releases.

The Fall of AMC “I OWN APE” NFT, Explained

The theater chain is planning an additional NFT drop for its Investor Connect members: “I OWN APE” NFTs. Members who join the Investor Connect program before August 31st are eligible to participate. AMC will send the “I OWN APE” NFT redemption details to eligible investors the week beginning September 19. The AMC Investor Connect program currently has around 765,000 members and enrollment remains open.

How can I get my AMC “APE” shares?

AMC has also declared a special dividend. In lieu of cash, the company plans to give its shareholders a special type of preferred stock with a par value of $0.01. Once issued, those dividend shares will trade under the symbol “APE.”

AMC plans to issue investors one share of APE Special Stock for each common share they own. As a result, the company plans to distribute around 517 million units of APE shares.

The company plans to distribute the special stock dividend on August 19. APE shares are expected to start trading on August 22. In the future, AMC investors will be able to convert APE shares into AMC common shares. The ability to convert shares is subject to investors’ approval of a company proposal to increase its number of authorized shares.

What is the value of AMC Investor Connect NFTs?

The theater operator issued its flagship “I OWN AMC” Investor Connect NFT for free. Those who received the free NFT drop have put them up for sale at various prices. The minimum price for “I OWN AMC” is $15, and the highest retail price is approximately $70. However, some “I OWN AMC” NFTs are trading for up to $10 billion.

“I OWN AMC” NFTs are also issued free of charge to AMC Investor Connect members. Seeing how “I OWN AMC” NFTs have become very valuable, “I OWN AMC” NFTs can fetch the best price as well.

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