Moneybagg Yo NFT Experience

Moneybagg Yo NFT Experience

moneybagg yo nft experience

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Moneybagg Yo is launching its NFT cannabis brand with a limited edition collection of 10,000 smokable NFTs, available in March.

Moneybagg Yo introduces a range of limited edition “smokable” NFTs.

The GMG Records artist teamed up with sayBLOWE and Soul Creations Management to deliver what they call “the world’s first smokable NFT.”

Moneybagg Yo announced the collaboration in a commercial for the brand. “On March 16 I will leave my NFTs,” he declared. “It’s only 10,000 of these, so you’d better hurry and grab yours. This s### limited edition!”

Meanwhile, Soul Creations Management revealed, “We are taking it one step further. #SCM goes metaverse with a @moneybaggyo #NFT experience!! @moneybaggyo is the first hip hop artist to have a NFT #cannabis brand “MIDNIGHT PATEK”. This is going to be a smokable release March 2022 We broke the #story”

Earlier this month, sayBLOWE introduced Moneybagg Yo’s Midnight Patek Smokeable NFT and gave details on how to access it.

“Sayblowe is proud to announce our exclusive collaboration with @moneybaggyo!” the company wrote on Instagram. “In their first NFT experience, “MIDNIGHT PATEK SMOKEABLE NFT”, a collaboration with the SCM Cannabis brand, the NFT we are launching will be a token redeemable for REAL LIFE products at our March 2022 smokeable launch! Go to sayblowe.io to create a profile and get exclusive access to this event!”

The Yo Midnight Patek NFT Money Bag

A previous post from Soul Creations Management revealed an image of the Midnight Patek NFT.

“🔥 🔥 🔥 #SCM is launching its own #NFT attached to Moneybagg Yo and our #brands. When you purchase the “Midnight Patek” NFT, you will be provided with a QR code that will give you credit for 1/8 flower and 1 gram of liquid diamond oil. Only 10,000 units are being released.”

Prior to teaming up with Moneybagg Yo, sayBLOWE teamed up with Bay Area icon Mac Mall. “MAC MALL is revolutionizing Hip-Hop once again, this time through NFTs,” the ad read.

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