NFT News: Akuma Origins on Fire

NFT News: Akuma Origins on Fire

The world is expanding, and so is DraftKings. As NFTs continue to grow, these daily articles will serve as a hub for the latest news and stories in the space.
NFT News: Akuma Origins on Fire

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The world is expanding, and so is DraftKings. As NFTs continue to grow, these daily articles will serve as a hub for the latest news and stories in the space.

If you’re new to the metaverse, check out my quick rundown on what NFTs are and how they work. For those interested in joining the game, please read my article on setting up the MetaMask wallet.

If you’re not already familiar with Akuma Origins, let’s take a look at how the project grew in popularity in recent days and what the team has in store for the future.

project breakdown

The Akuma concept was born in Belgium, with a team of six working quickly to turn their idea into a reality.

The Akuma universe centers around the Yokai, an army of 5,555 warriors known for their combat skills and general camaraderie. In the midst of a fierce storm, a merchant stumbled upon a cave that contained an evil spirit. The merchant accidentally released said spirit, known as Akuma, and now it is the yokai’s duty to protect the kingdom.

The project was revealed yesterday, April 6, when Yokai was released into the universe. Since the reveal, Akuma Origins has caught fire, with around 8,000 ETH currently in OpenC with a trading price of 1.24 ETH on the floor at the time of this article.

Chirag Hira, Eamon Conway, and I track the highest sales and biggest sweeps in the Metaverse on a daily basis, with Akuma standing out lately. Over the past two days, seven major sweeps have raised a total of 128.76 ETH (approximately $415,240.00). Follow us on Twitter to keep track of the most popular NFT projects.

icy.tools breaks down Akuma Origin’s sales history over the past 24 hours in the chart below, showing just how interesting the project has been.

With the reveal, the team announced on Twitter that they are setting aside around 50 NFT for the community wallet. These will be used for giveaways, discoveries and other events.

Akuma Roadmap

The team breaks down a detailed roadmap on their website, including seasonal airdrops, merch, collectibles, physical and digital artwork, an artbook, and future Metaverse plans.

After a good run of days, it’s safe to say that Akuma Origins is headed in the right direction. follow the project Twitter Check your discord for more updates.

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