Quorum Blockchain Service Development Overview

With Quorum Blockchain Service (QBS), you can create consortium blockchain networks to enable business scenarios such as asset tracking, digital token, loyalty and reward, financial supply chain, and provenance. The following sections introduce the development of the Quorum Blockchain Service to implement enterprise blockchain solutions. Connecting to Quorum Blockchain Service You can use different clients […]

Richard Stallman Discusses Cryptocurrency Blockchain GNU Taler Encryption

In a recent interview, Christian Grothoff stated that the system is designed for a “post-blockchain” world. It is based on blind signatures, a cryptographic technique created by David Chaum, whose DigiCash was one of the first attempts to create a secure electronic currency. Additionally, Taler’s goal of establishing a digital currency that will withstand government […]

Where to store Monero XMR

100% of all transactions on Monero are private. No one can see someone else’s wallet balance or track someone else’s transactions. That is if you are using a non-custodial wallet. If you hold your Monero on an online exchange, your activity is visible to the exchange, as they are technically the holders of your XMR […]

What Blockchain Challenge Is Skale Helping Overcome The Ethereum Ecosystem

The market for NFTs—tokens that represent digital versions of artwork, music, movies, and other such items—exploded to $44 billion in 2017. This brought quite a lot of interest in Ethereum, the blockchain network where most NFTs are traded. It also brought to light another concern, namely the energy waste associated with cryptocurrency mining. Blockchains do […]

Coinbase Quiz Answers: Who Can Use Skale to Implement a Blockchain?

Coinbase Quiz Answers: Take Coinbase Learn & Earn activity to earn free crypto rewards like 00 token, Skale, Quant (QNT), etc. Looking for free crypto rewards? Coinbase Learn and Earn Quiz is now live, allowing participants to easily earn free crypto by giving the correct answers. With the help of this guide, you will have […]

People Building ‘Blockchain City’ In Wyoming Scammed By Hackers

The attack was the latest on Discord and is a growing concern for the vast majority of the DAO and NFT communities living there. On Monday, CityDAO, the group that bought 40 acres of Wyoming in hopes of “building a city on the Ethereum blockchain,” announced that its Discord server was hacked and members’ funds […]

Atlanta Hawks Launch ‘Harry the Hawk’ NFT Collection

The Atlanta Hawks, in collaboration with Atlanta-based GigLabs, today unveiled the “Harry the Hawk” collection, the first iteration of the limited non-fungible token (NFT) team. Non-fungible tokens can digitally represent any asset, including online-only assets such as digital works of art March. Harry’s Hawk collection features four different types of NFTs. At a basic level, […]

Man Ray’s record, August Sander’s NFT controversy and the best of music photography

Introducing our weekly roundup from the world of photography. Nick Knight shines at Photo London 2022, Abbey Road Studios’ inaugural Music Photography Awards a success, The Photography Show clicks with new Midtown Manhattan venue, August Sander archive sold as NFT sparks court case, Deana Lawson wins the Deutsche Börse prize and Man Ray’s Le Violon […]

Mafia Metaverse Platform SYN CITY Appoints New CEO Swae Lee

Mafia Metaverse Platform SYN CITY Appoints American Rapper Swae Lee as CEO. The naming marks a fusion of the worlds of metaverse gaming, NFTs, and music. Your job will include overseeing operations in entertainment marketing, music, NFT, eSports, etc. Things are heating up in the Metaverse and it has never been more attractive than it […]

Salesforce Steps into NFT Metaverse with NFT Cloud Launch The

New NFT minting and selling platform will be launched by cloud-based software giant Salesforce in October 2022.  To meet people’s growing interest in minting and selling of NFT, cloud-based software giant Salesforce has launched its NFT cloud at CNX22. The platform is said to be available in October to help people mint and sell their […]