Billionaire Zombies Club NFT

Billionaire Zombies Club NFT

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Through its community land sale, Billionaire Zombies Club seeks to offer a reasonable entry price for NFT buyers in a declining market and create true expansion and interoperability that is not common in this space.

Billionaire Zombies Club (BZC) has officially announced the sale of its metaverse. In what has been quite a historic rise for one of the first Polygon-based NFT communities, BZC, as the community is affectionately known, has spawned a unique ethos, movement, and aesthetic that now influences projects around the world. .

Since its launch late last year, BZC has seen its popularity and influence grow across the entire digital asset ecosystem globally. This is exemplified by BZC’s recently announced partnership with Polygon Networks and BZC’s listing on Crypto.com’s NFT marketplace.

BZC also recently addressed its mysterious origins with the reveal of the lore behind the origins of the mysterious Billionaire Zombies universe.

The upcoming BZC community Metaverse land sale represents the next major milestone delivered by this cutting-edge team and the next step in the evolution of the emerging New World Zombie universe.

The highly anticipated release of BZC’s first Web 3.0 gaming experience, “Strongholds”, is scheduled for later this year. Strongholds is a play-to-win game with a strong focus on community diplomacy. The game pits players against each other in a battle royale style of gameplay. Players will be able to stake their lands, zombies, kings, and metaverse items to use in the Strongholds game.

The fortresses will be played in betting rounds; with each round, a random map will be drawn from the participating players’ staked land. From there, players can attack other lands, align with others, and share resources, all in order to dominate the map. In this ecosystem, time is of the essence because only the survivors of the round will share the spoils of war (or peace).

The BZC Metaverse terrain design architecture establishes the ongoing BZC metaverse footprint to unite a large number of game types as well as interoperable experiences within the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

The release of the permitted list for the sale of land is on May 25, with the official sale on May 31. The private sale for the BZC community is limited to 1,500 lots and is priced at .05 wETH and $150K BZC, its native token. After that, the sale will be opened to your collaborators, which is priced at .075 wETH – this will be limited to 1,250 Plots.

About The Billionaire Zombie Club

Billionaire Zombies Club or BZC community has added marketers, entrepreneurs, game developers etc. cutting edge, who have come together to create one of the most unique communities in the Metaverse. BZC minted its initial offer of 10,000 NFTs in less than 12 days. His total collection, which includes metaverse assets including Skeleton Kings, Meta Crystals, Mansions, etc., has an estimated value of over $20,000,000 and has over 4,000 unique asset holders.

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Billionaire Zombies Club NFT

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