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CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into Sneaky Vampires Syndicate, an NFT collection of 8888 unique vampires created by the same artist behind the hugely popular Bored Ape Yacht Club.

What Is Sneaky Vampires Syndicate NFT?

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is a collection of NFTs that focuses on both real world marketing and online marketing. The collection spans 8,888 unique Sneaky Vampires, each unique and hand-drawn, including expressions and features.

The drawing is made possible by Mig, a full-time freelance designer and artist who worked on the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. Holders of these NFTs gain access to The Syndicate.

$BLOOD is the utility token of the Sneaky Vampires Syndicate, giving NFT holders the opportunity to stake their Vampires. They will receive 3 $BLOOD tokens per day in exchange for doing so. In addition, soon-to-be Sneaky Vampire Syndicate companions can also stake an additional $1 BLOOD per day.

While Sneaky Vampire Syndicate wants to provide a crypto utility, the team is also focusing on real-world use cases. As a result, SVS is able to explore many opportunities through current and future partnerships and collaborations.

How Does Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Work?

The roadmap for Sneaky Vampire Syndicate aims to establish a broader ecosystem and utility for early NFTs. Generation 2, or Gen 2, are female vampires, which puts a different focus on the project.

Additionally, Gen 2 vampire NFT holdings will receive a free companion, incentivizing the adoption and holding of these non-fungible tokens. Additionally, users can breed vampires between Generation 1 and Generation 2, allowing for intriguing results.

Those companions will be bats, which is logical given the vampire theme. All SVS holders will benefit from the added utility through these bat companions.

The power of all this is the $BLOOD utility token. Although it has no direct monetary value, it can be acquired by staking NFT. However, it is the central pillar of the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Universe and will offer utility in the crypto space and in the real world.

What Makes Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Unique?

In addition to the collecting and gambling options for SVS holders, the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate team emphasizes real-world marketing. Advertising on billboards around Times Square was just the first step. Later, they placed promotional vans at the same location, allowing NFT holders and others to take pictures with the logo.

Furthermore, the SVS collection is designed to create a new future for non-fungible tokens. That became apparent when the community grew to over 45,000 members prior to the launch of NFTs. However, to avoid any issues during launch, including whaling and gas wars, the team implemented an anti-bot system to focus on the community and its needs.

In addition, the SVS project is embracing the concept of demonstrably fair metadata. All Sneaky Vampire Syndicate metadata is generated via a fully immutable seed combined with a random weighted general via the on-chain block hash of a transaction sent from the implementer’s wallet to itself.

Also, the script has been open sourced, giving everyone a chance to see how it works. Finally, the metadata itself resides in IPFS to ensure constant accessibility.

An ecosystem like SVS wouldn’t work without crucial partnerships. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate collaborates with other metaverse and NFT projects, including 888 The Inner Circle, Wilder World, Sandbox, and Pixlet Studio.

There is a partnership with Shammi Shinh, an established champagne brand creator, for real world utility. SVS NFT holders can access a limited-edition, custom private label champagne through the $BLOOD token. The wine comes in custom bottles and cases, making it a real-world collectible tied to an NFT project.

What Are People Saying About Sneaky Vampire Syndicate?

With NFT collections, it is essential to look at how the assets are distributed. Approximately 4,742 unique wallets house the 8,888 vampires. Initial mintage of SVS was limited to 3 per wallet. Furthermore, there are over 18,600 ETH in OpenSea trading volume with a minimum price of just under 0.85 ETH.

The Batmates, founders under the name Sneaky Bat Syndicate, boast 2,600 owners and over 315 ETH in trading volume. Users can use bats to gamble to win $BLOOD tokens, play the next video game, and explore the metaverse-based lair.

SVS has a lot of momentum on social media, mainly from people sharing their opinion on why this project is important. Additionally, there are images circulating of Sneaky Vampire Syndicate merchandise, which may help raise more awareness for this NFT project in the future.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate was mentioned as one of the top 500 NFT experts voted in a Yahoo Finance article earlier this year.

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