What is an Alpha Group NFT?

What is an Alpha Group NFT?

what is an alpha group nft

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The success story of most non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is highly dependent on the community. The more information you possess, the more likely you are to stumble upon a hidden gem. An Alpha Pool NFT acts as a medium that shares exclusive knowledge with Alpha Pass holders.

Keeping up with all the front page news in the NFT industry can be challenging considering time is a scarce resource. Therefore, the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded people is useful in the NFT market.

What is Alpha Group NFT?

Alpha NFT is considered a unique data source, necessary for both beginners and experts in the field. You can think of an alpha group as a flock of people who cooperate with each other to gather valuable information about NFT projects. Also on your action list is to find and stay informed about whitelist opportunities.

NFT Alpha groups generally interact with each other via Discord and Twitter to keep up with what’s happening in the NFT market.

What Does NFT Alpha Mean?

In NFT terminology, the term “alpha” refers to a piece of information that can possibly be used to your advantage.

As the large NFT market deals with information asymmetry, a situation where an individual possesses more information than the average participant, people are forming collectives to help each other.

Therefore, alpha groups bring together intellectual masterminds who coordinate to gather information and stay ahead of the NFT market.

What to Expect from an NFT Alpha Group?

Alpha groups are usually a closed community, for example a Discord server where active members share information for better exchanges. Also, NFT alpha groups give signals for whitelisting and giveaways.

What makes NFT alphas so great is their restricted access and the fact that they are paid. It removes those members who are not serious about NFTs and thus keeps the noise down.

Benefits of NFT Alpha Groups

Due to the fact that alpha groups have fewer members, people are forming stronger connections. These members are often associated with other alpha groups and may share relevant information with people outside of those servers.

Some information about a big NFT crash can then be spread to various alpha groups, making sure that their members are the first to know about an NFT crash and quickly hear about the project.

Most of the NFT alpha groups allow people to filter NFT collections thanks to their huge flow of information to find the top NFTs. They can offer rarity tracking to target valuable NFT projects and have active daily discussions. Project reviews on topics like cryptocurrency or the NFT space are also provided.

Top 5 Alpha Groups in 2022

Alpha groups are an ideal option for NFT enthusiasts who are short on time or afraid to make their own decisions. Good information to make the best decisions.

Here is a compiled list of the top 5 current or future NFT alpha groups.

Plug Pass

The next NFT alpha pool featured is the Plug Pass, a literal alpha pass to help you succeed in NFT. Act as a Discord Alpha Server: Owning a pass will open the doors to an exclusive crew (Kosher Crew Discord Group) for a whole year.

Only a small number of passes exist, making it a desirable product. By owning one of the 1069 NFT alpha passes, you can expect calls with experts in the field, promised whitelist access for upcoming NFT installments, and most importantly, the information that could set you up for life.

Remember, if you try to sell your plug pass, you will lose the right to access the Discord server.

Aqua HQ

Created in the form of NFTs, AquaTools (also known as AquaHQ) offers a suite of instruments to understand NFT market trends.

AquaTools NFTs works like an access card that gives its holders the opportunity to benefit from a first-rate set of tools, created by its professionals.

The alpha pass will provide a wide range of essential tools for analyzing highly coveted NFT collections. This will ensure that any member of this specific NFT alpha pool acquires the best NFT collection possible.

Key Features of Aqua HQ Tools:

  • Quick buy
  • Floor display
  • Rarity ranker
  • Listing monitor
  • Contract minter
  • Bid bot

With the help of AquaTools, you can expect real value through analytics-driven insight.

Neo Tokyo

Neo Tokyo Identities has a claim to being the best community-focused gaming alpha group in the industry, if not the biggest. And for that, the community is everything to them. Members can benefit from the lowest prices and the same applies to its founders, Alex Becker and EllioTrades.

The group has great credibility as Alex Becker has proven to be a successful market hero, giving helpful signals through his Youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers to help people make money.

The alpha group operates on Discord and to access the server, people simply needed to solve puzzles to redeem Neo Tokyo Identities NFTs.

Becker wants to establish a community of high-level people who are interested in the NFT space and crypto gaming. You are trying to connect all the top tier people in your community and as of now many of them have already joined.

Alpha Sharks

Alpha Sharks is another fantastic community for NFT collectors out there right now. Combining the strength of its 6969 holders, NFT stock market experts are connected to help you with top NFT sniping tools.

To share the space within the alpha pool, you need to mint one of the NFT Alpha Sharks. This will ensure access to any existing tools, as well as upcoming ones.

Additionally, Alpha Sharks provide the following to their holders:

  • NFT tools
  • Shark Token
  • Holder rewards
  • Breeding

The provided NFT tools work without any issues and it is recommended to try them.

Dark Echelon

The Dark Echelon represents an NFT collection of 1098 auto-generated pieces. Dark Echelon has been mentioned as the best alpha group NFT has found in the world.

By joining the Dark Echelon NFT Discord servers, you can expect many bonuses:

  • Custom built-in analytical tools
  • Whitelist assignments
  • Analysis, debates and revisions on a daily basis.

Members who purchase a Dark Echelon NFT can have the advantage of joining their exclusive alpha chat. This will ensure access to multiple partnerships and analytical tools vital to staying ahead of a mediocre trader.

Bonus: NFTrelease.app

NFTrelease.app has proven to be a reliable addition to the NFT market, one not to be missed if you feel like bumping into the next cryptopunks.

With constant updates on existing and new NFT projects, NFTrelease will provide relevant information to the broader non-fungible token industry.

The company is about to launch a suite of NFT analytical tools to take a closer look at market trends.

NFT enthusiasts can benefit from rarity detection, NFT ranking, and many more analytics needed to understand market updates. And the best, it will be completely free.

The kit will outperform any other NFT tool when it comes to functionalities and as a bonus, it has a user-friendly interface.

Here are some key features of NFTrelease.app:

  • Sales & Listing Tracking
  • Advanced NFT Tools
  • NFT Live Updates


In the fast-paced digital world, it is more than relevant to get the edge to stay ahead of the NFT market. As the market is extremely speculative, expert evaluation is necessary. Also, due to the small size and illiquidity of the industry, rapid price movements are inevitable.

To find NFT projects before they reach the moon and ensure the best result, you can use some “alpha”. An NFT alpha group is a community where certain members have much more useful information to beat the market.

As of today, there are hundreds of alpha groups operating in the vast space of NFTs. Based on the Top 5 NFT Alpha Groups in 2022 list, you’re sure to benefit from getting that extra insight before the plethora of NFTs who want to be millionaires.

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