When Does Hypebeast NFT Drop

When Does Hypebeast NFT Drop

when does hypebeast nft drop

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Karafuru, Hypebeast, and Atmos are all set to take down NFTs. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming collaboration.

Karafuru x Hypebeast x Atmos NFT

On April 19, Karafuru NFT announced their latest partnership with Hypebeast and Atmos. Hypebeast is the go-to platform for the latest cultural trends, while Atmos is one of the most popular sneaker stores in Japan. The teaser video about the collaboration hinted at a colorful 3D NFT collection.

According to a Karafuru blog post, the NFT project has big ambitions to take the Karafuru brand beyond its digital identity. As the post stated, Karafuru’s vision is to be a “lifestyle brand that is recognizable in daily life.”

Now, let’s talk about the utilities of the collaboration collection. In addition to having a 3D avatar, holders can use each 3D NFT to claim a collectible toy.

In addition, holders can access exclusive products with Hypebeast and Atmos. In addition, they can also use 3D Karafuru as avatars in any of the metaverse lands that the NFT project invested in.

Finally, if Karafuru used any of the holders’ 3D tokens for commercial purposes, the holders of that token will receive a royalty as the owner of the intellectual property of that token.

At the time of writing, there is no specific date when the NFT project will leave the collection. However, Karafuru NFT has been hosting giveaways for some whitelisted venues on Twitter, so be sure to follow them to stay up to date.

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