When Will Invisible Friends NFT Drop

When Will Invisible Friends NFT Drop

when will invisible friends nft drop

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As we head into 2022, here’s a collection of NFTs to keep an eye on: Secret Friends. So far, the collection hasn’t revealed much. We don’t know anything about the traits, the roadmap, the mint price, or even the release date. Even then, the Invisible Friends NFT collection has become one of the most hyped collections to watch out for, with around 147,000 followers on Twitter!

Invisible Friends NFT Collection: What we know so far

The Invisible Friends NFT Collection features 5,000 animated NFTs created by animator and illustrator Markus Magnusson. Based on some of the sneak peeks the team shared on Twitter, the artwork appears simple and eye-catching. No wonder every other NFT enthusiast wants to get their hands on these flashy animated NFTs!

Of course, an acclaimed animator like Magnusson working on the characters adds to the hype. He has 188,000 followers on Instagram and has sold several NFTs before. A notable one among these is the invisible ghost friend, which sold for 4.8723 ETH or around $18,600 last October.

While Magnusson is the creator of the Invisible Friends NFT Collection, the collection itself is part of the Random Character Collective. They recently released two other projects, SlimHoods and Mood Rollers.

The Ethereum-based Invisible Friends NFT Collection is scheduled to launch in February 2022. Unlike most NFT projects, Invisible Friends plans to fully pre-sale. This means that your best chance to get your hands on these awesome NFTs is to be whitelisted.

“Currently, WL roles are awarded to valued members of the community,” Random Character Collective noted on their Discord.

So how can you get on the whitelist?

Once you reach level 10 on Discord, you can participate in mini-games to get whitelisted. Alternatively, if you are an artist, creating unique and creative fan art can also land you on the coveted list.

“Also, our community moderators keep track of who’s most deserving of the spot, so if they notice you’re helpful or bring a good vibe, you might have a chance!” added the project.

In addition, 50% of the WL slots will be reserved for holders of SlimHoods and Mood Rollers. So if none of the above options work, you might want to consider buying any of these NFTs.

What is the Random Character Collective?

Essentially, the Random Character Collective is a collective of animated generative projects. It all started when James Curran aka SlimJim was working on his NFT project, SlimHoods.

“While working on SlimHoods, I always had the idea that I wanted to use everything I was learning by creating my own generative animated project to help other animators do the same,” SlimJim wrote in a Discord message. “There are a lot of generative NFT collections, but still very few animated collections even though there are so many extremely talented animators in the NFT world.”

He then collaborated with artists working on generative animated projects and launched the collective. While the collective released SlimHoods in October, Lucas Zanott’s MoodRollers launched in December.

If you liked invisible friends, you might also want to check out HAPEBEAST, another hyped NFT project launching this month.

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