Where To Buy UFC NFTs?

Where To Buy UFC NFTs?


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UFC NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are about to hit the market, as the promotion recently announced a partnership with Dapper Labs, the creators of the Flow blockchain.

NFT is a new concept that can be difficult to understand for those who are not well versed in the new “blockchain world”. But basically, they are assets verified using blockchain technology.

A computer network records unique activities that provide ‘proof of ownership’, meaning that each transaction made is unique and authentic. In other words, while you could replicate anything online, there is only one ‘genuine’ piece.

The concept is perfect for artists who create artwork online and can now verify their productions and add a label of authenticity to their artwork.

NFTs have also evolved to reach other areas, such as sports organizations, influencers, and brands, who are using the technology to produce unique collectibles and digital merchandise.

UFC NFTs are the next addition to the market after the NBA recently successfully implemented its brand to get in on the non-fungible token rush.

In an email sent to fans interested in acquiring UFC NFT, the promo stated:

“Welcome to the world of UFC on Flow, where you can buy, sell and trade your limited-edition, fully-licensed UFC verifiable moments. With UFC on Flow, every day will feel like fight night, giving fans an experience Unprecedented. You can collect the best knockouts, finishes, and highlights in UFC history. The team is busy working on this world-class flagship project. In the meantime, if you join this waiting list, you’ll be the first to know the latest action from UFC on Flow. See you in the Octagon!”

In a subsequent message, the UFC asked its fans to participate in a survey for a chance to get an exclusive sneak peek at the new UFC NFT collection.

The email also stated that eight lucky participants would be selected to receive a $50 gift card to start their UFC NFT collection.

For now, UFC NFTs will not be available for purchase, as the promotion is still working on producing their original digital assets.

Dapper Labs, responsible for the Flow blockchain, which will regulate UFC NFTs, has released a statement explaining how unique collectibles will work online:

“Today, we are proud to announce our latest partnership: a collaboration with the UFC to create crypto-backed digital assets and an accompanying blockchain game for mixed martial arts fans around the world. UFC on Flow offers fans fans an unprecedented crypto experience: unique or limited-edition items available for collectors to buy or earn, digital assets traded on an open market, and games that make players true value-seekers they help to to create”.

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