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White Horse Tavern NFT

white horse tavern nft

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Robot Chicken creator Seth Green has put a lot of time and hard work into developing a series titled White Horse Tavern, which is based on the Bored Ape NFT he purchased in 2021. Well, that series has hit a bit of a snag. how someone managed to get the NFT receipt using a phishing scam and then sold it to someone else. Bored Ape, whose name is Fred Simian, was going to be the main character of the series.

Green shared a preview of White Horse Tavern at the NFT VeeCon conference this past weekend, which you can watch below. The show looks like a lot of fun and is based on the concept: “What if your friendly neighborhood bartender was Bored Ape Yacht Club #8398?” In an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, Green explained that the show imagines a universe where “it doesn’t matter how you look, all that matters is your attitude.”

Speaking about the situation he finds himself in, Green explained: “I bought that ape in July 2021 and spent the last few months developing and exploiting the intellectual property to make him the star of this show. Then days before, his By the way , His Name Is Fred: Days Before His World Debut, He Is Literally Kidnapped”.

Bored Ape was one of the few NFTs to get ripped from Green this month. Green has been actively trying to reach out to Twitter user DarkWing84, who purchased the stolen Bored Ape NFT, in hopes of working something out. Unfortunately, as of this posting, it doesn’t seem like any luck with that. Green would prefer not to go to trial for that.

Green explained in a Tweet: “A buyer who bought stolen art with real money and refuses to return it has no legal right to exploit the use of the underlying intellectual property. He’s going to trial, but I’d rather meet @DarkWing84 before then. It seems we would have a lot in common.

I’ve been on a deep dive learning all about NFTs and the blockchain and how it all works. It’s all still in its infancy and it’s the wild west right now when it comes to these things. Hopefully, Green can figure things out, fix everything, and get his show back on track.

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