Zombie Zebras NFT

Zombie Zebras NFT

zombie zebras nft

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We are 3,333 Zombie Zebras seeking revenge against their predators. Built and generated on the Ethereum network. Become infected! Zombie Zebras will provide a DAO with the GAME CHANGING UTILITY!

Our Zebra Zombies NFT will be able to bet once minted. Once minted, you’ll be able to stake your Zombie Zebra for 10 ZOMBY (ZZ) coins per day! The more you bet, the more you win! These coins will be used for breeding, pet mints and more!

We will also provide a DAO BLUE CHIP! We will be buying Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats and more for our community! Activities currently planned include Sandbox Zombieverse pack purchases, charitable donations, floor sweeping, charitable donations, *free* add-on collections, Zombie Comics, and a TESLA giveaway. Ongoing special Airdrops for our Discord community are happening now!

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