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Transforming the Esports Community through Innovative Technology

Company Highlights

  • Alpha Metaverse Technologies is an online gaming company focused on creating a comprehensive and scalable gaming experience.
  • Its GamerzArena platform works as a “Freemium” model, with added value offered for its GamerzArena+ premium subscription service.
  • GamerzArena+ allows users to participate in larger tournaments, head-to-head betting, access to bitcoin-pegged Alpha Coin, and the exposure needed to be scouted into bigger teams and leagues.
  • Alpha Metaverse Technologies offers multiple different avenues within online gaming, which has allowed them to secure a consistent lineup of successful partnerships, including the Vancouver Whitecaps, New Jersey Devils, and more.
  • The company took advantage of the growing mobile gaming industry by acquiring Paradise City Gaming. This acquisition meshes seamlessly with Alpha Esports Tech’s current business model and will allow them to expand their already multiple revenue streams.
  • The leadership team brings a diverse experience within the world of multimedia, online gaming and sports. With a deep understanding of their target market and how to reach them combined with multiple partnerships still in their infancy, Alpha Esports Tech has just started growing their user base and gaining market share.
  • The company expanded into the Indian esports market by signing a partnership with Oblivion Esports, an esports organization that provides a competitive platform to all gamers.
  • Alpha Metaverse Technologies also partnered with Intel India to host two major tournaments, Intel Gamer Days Valorant Pro Team Invitational and Intel Gamer Days Valorant Streamer Invitational
  • Alpha also announced that its online platform, GamerzArena, is now the Official Online Gaming Portal for Nets Gaming Crew (“NetsGC”), the NBA 2K League affiliate of the Brooklyn Nets.
  • Alpha has filed a letter of intent to acquire 100 percent of the issued and outstanding shares of Shape Immersive Entertainment in exchange for 14,840,000 shares of Alpha common stock and $1 million in cash. Shape is a leader in 3D NFTs, holograms, augmented and virtual reality, and money-making game development.


Between 2019 and 2023, the online gaming industry is forecast to exceed US$200 billion, with a CAGR of 7.2% over that period. More and more consumers are turning to digital forms of entertainment as a way to stay socially and competitively connected and engaged with friends and communities online. Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Twitch.tv saw 17 billion hours of content viewed in 2020, up 83 percent from 2019’s 9 billion, while Valve’s popular gaming marketplace Steam saw an increase of its DAU to 120 million, up from 95 million in 2019

. Clear COVID-19 has created serious tailwinds for the gaming industry, which proved to be a popular form of entertainment while the world was stuck in lockdown. According to a GlobalData report, the esports industry has captured the attention of a wider audience with online formats that have piqued the interest of traditional sports organizations amid COVID-19.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies (CSE:ALPA) is poised to capitalize on this growing gaming trend through its GamerzArena competitive gaming platform that offers tournaments, head-to-head betting, skill-based contests and league play with Alpha Coin, a token pegged to Bitcoin. . Through its “freemium” model and exciting new partnerships, the company is creating a tremendously vast ecosystem in the world of online gaming and esports.

The GamerzArena platform provides a high-quality experience that leverages a “freemium” model that allows users to immerse themselves in the gaming world with few restrictions. The level of free value offered by this platform makes it an easy upsell to the platform’s premium subscription model, GamerzArena+. Users get access to Alpha Coin, a Bitcoin-pegged token, bigger tournaments and prize pools, game stats and analysis, head-to-head betting, and the chance to get drafted to bigger teams and leagues.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies also partners with several major colleges and sports teams, such as the New Jersey Devils NHL team. In collaboration with the New Jersey Devils, Alpha Esports Tech hosted a two-day tournament featuring eight professional Esports players. This led to an average of over 1,000 views per day and a combined Twitch following of over 65,000 viewers, giving Alpha Esports Tech massive exposure to its target market and a strong relationship with a major sports team.

In May 2021, Alpha Metaverse Technologies partnered with Spartan Athletics, the athletic branch of Trinity Western University. Alpha will provide esports services for Spartan athletes, Trinity Western University students, and the community that supports the Spartan Foundation. As a starting point for this partnership, Spartan Athletics and Alpha will work together to jointly market esports events on the company’s online platform, GamerzArena, where the company will provide esports expertise and event management, and Spartan Athletics will promote the events among its athletes. and the community

. In addition, the Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club chose to partner with Alpha Esports Tech due to its ability to offer a comprehensive path into the world of online esports gaming. This relationship has given them access to 40,000 new members of the Whitecaps youth development league, expanding market share through user acquisition for GamerzArena+ and adding sponsorship revenue from future tournaments and collaborations.

These associations also provide international exposure. One such partnership is with Irony, an esports company based in India. GamerzArena will become the exclusive partner for all Irony esports events, hosting and operating multiple Irony gaming tournaments, including an eDevelopment league where Irony will be able to source and recruit top gaming talent for its show.

A growing pocket of the gaming world is mobile gaming, which by the end of 2021 will account for 52 percent of the entire gaming sector alone. Alpha Esports Tech has made it a top priority to capitalize on this sector by recently acquiring Paradise City Gaming. Paradise City Gaming’s fledgling mobile gaming portfolio will further grow Alpha Esports Tech’s user base through the ability to offer skill-based contests, head-to-head betting and tournament entry fees in a new marketplace.

With several years of combined experience in the online gaming and multimedia industry, the leadership team is proving that it is well equipped to reward shareholders and shows no signs of slowing down. The ability to rapidly grow a user base, close significant partnerships, and connect with your target market is proof that Alpha Esports Tech has the creativity and industry knowledge to execute current and future projects. With strong projected industry growth, a market capitalization of just CAD$20.6 million, and an exciting leadership team, Alpha Metaverse Technologies has put itself in a very strong position to continue to expand.

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Alpha Metaverse Technologies

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