How to get Wren Brightblade’s Treasure Chest Legends of Speed | Roblox Metaverse Champions

How to get Wren Brightblade’s Treasure Chest Legends of Speed | Roblox Metaverse Champions

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Wren Brightblade has left us a treasure in Legends of Speed ​​during week 2 of Metaverse Champions. Find out how to get the Wren Brightblade Treasure Chest (available April 21-30) below.

How to get the treasure chest from Wren Brightblade Legends of Speed

​​In Legends of Speed, you start out as a slow character who must walk, run, and sprint to reach faster speeds. In order to complete the quest and receive Wren’s treasure chest, you need to level up your character to level 25 and complete the parkour challenge.

Once you’ve reached level 25, you can enter Wren’s Parkour Challenge, shown in the image above. This is a simple parkour map that requires you to jump from platform to platform to reach the end.

If you’re already at least level 25 in this game, this quest should be relatively simple. If you’re starting out at level one, here are some tips to help you level up quickly.

  • Use our codes! We have codes that can help you buy items or give you a little boost in previous levels. You can find our complete list with the following link: Legends of Speed ​​Roblox Codes.
  • Collect the golden orbs. When you are at levels 1 to 5, make sure to pick up the orbs on the ground, especially the golden orbs. The other colors are helpful and give you extra steps, but the gold orbs give you extra XP, shortening the time until you reach the next level.
  • Use the floating rings. Once you level up, you’ll find that your speed allows you to blast high enough to get the extra steps from the floating rings. Use them as often as you can to gain more levels quickly.
  • Wear the Purple Ring. Once you reach level 15, you should have enough speed to burst through the roof of buildings and jump through them to the right floating purple. You can repeatedly jump from the roof, which makes your character level up extremely quickly.
  • Get to level 30. We recommend using the technique above to get to level 30. This makes Wren’s Parkour Challenge much easier to complete.

Once you’ve reached level 25 and completed Wren’s Parkour Challenge, you’ll have completed the quest! You can walk up to Wren to receive the reward, which is a badge and treasure chest added to your Roblox inventory.

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