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What is the Humans Metaverse NFT Collection and what does it offer?

Humans Metaverse NFT Collection is a non-fungible token project that aims for rapid development and growth. The project uses OpenSea, which is one of the biggest marketplaces for NFTs, for its sales. The Humans Metaverse NFT project offers non-fungible tokens for its clients.

How to buy Humans Metaverse?

To purchase Humans Metaverse or other collection of non-fungible tokens on the OpenSea marketplace, you must:

  • Visit the OpenSea website and click the download button
  • Register with OpenSea and create your account
  • Set a strong password for your account
  • Terms andconditions and agree to them
  • Click the necessary button to display the available secret words
  • Import your wallet into OpenSea and log in there
  • Use the ‘buy’ button for a bank transfer
  • Indicate the amount of money you want to buy in dollars
  • Indicate the your credit card number and confirm payment

Where to buy Humans Metaverse?

On our website, you will not be able to purchase the Humans Metaverse NFT Collection, but you can purchase it by pressing the ‘See more on OpenSea’ button and going to the collection page on the OpenSea website.

Where can you see the price and statistics of the human metaverse?

On our website, you can see the price of Humans Metaverse. You can also check the different categories of NFT Collection and the cryptocurrencies available to pay. You will understand the volume of available non-fungible tokens, their percentage and number of owners.

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