Satanic Symbolism in the Metaverse Ad: A Warning to Muslims

Satanic Symbolism in the Metaverse Ad: A Warning to Muslims

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One of the ways that mysterious Satanic forces spread is through the use of symbolism.

It is not uncommon for Satanists to display their dark agendas in the form of subliminal messages in modern media. This perhaps has something to do with the idea of ​​being ‘hidden in plain sight’.

But here’s a question: Could Satanists be powering the metaverse? Let’s take a look at the occult symbolism behind an ad posted by Meta on YouTube titled The Tiger & The Buffalo.

Most people who have seen this ad describe a strange unsettling feeling while viewing it. The ad itself exudes an intuitively disturbing vibe that’s hard to explain.

Notice how comments and likes are disabled for the video. I guess too many people were noticing her discomfort.

The ad begins with some unsuspecting children walking into an art gallery with some peculiar paintings in the background. These are actually the works of a real artist named Hilma Af Klint, who had her own ties to the occult. She was part of a group called ‘The Five’ who held ritual sessions to contact strange beings they believed in. An article in The Guardian describes his unusual method of painting:

It was here, in 1904, that Af Klint received a “commission” from an entity called Amaliel who told him to paint on “an astral plane” and depict the “immortal aspects of man.” “Between 1906 and 1915, 193 paintings followed, an astonishing outpouring, known as the Paintings for the Temple. Whatever one’s doubts about the occult, she worked as if possessed, prey to what can only be described as inspiration She explained that the images were painted “through” her with “force”, a divine dictation: “I had no idea what they were supposed to represent… I worked quickly and surely, without changing a single brushstroke.”

Was she possessed by Shayateen? If so, it’s safe to assume that what these strange pieces of art represent is equally satanic.These

children then come across a painting right in front of them, depicting a tiger that is lying on thepoint to eat a buffalo. The tiger stops when he notices the children, almost as if trying to hide his true intentions from them, and says, “This is the dimension of imagination.”

The artists recognized that it was a painting by Henri Rousseau. However, that is not the only origin of this representation. In Zoroastrianism, a figure called ‘Ahriman’ represents the devil. This figure has been depicted as a cat, and in one of the mythological stories Ahriman kills the ‘primordial bull’. Its depiction in Zoroastrian petrographs is strikingly similar to the one used in this advertisement (see main image above).

The bull is not innocent here either. Throughout the video, only his left eye is seen and it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Eye of Ra or Horus in Egyptian mythology. This is often depicted as the ‘All Seeing Eye’, a concept used by satanic groups to brazenly claim equal knowledge with Allah.

The video then spirals out of control as the children are shown the world that awaits them. Techno music begins to play in the background as these youngsters enter a hypnotic state, completely absorbed in the metaverse, not caring about the world.

It’s interesting to note how there are humans standing outside the frame of this painting (representing the portal or entrance to the metaverse), but only animals inside, almost as if to suggest that one becomes an animal/beast within this “world” . ‘. And the way these kids indulge in the music and the hypnotic vibe in general, this could be exactly what the ad creators were looking for.

The planet Saturn, along with a massive hexagon, can be seen side by side in the background. Occult symbolism and various mythologies have frequently used both Saturn and six-sided shapes, i.e. hexagons, to represent Satan.

Suddenly, these children are in a forest, surrounded on all sides by snakes. This is a clear reference to the biblical story of the Garden of Eden and how the Devil appeared to Adam and Eve as a serpent. Ask yourselves, why would Meta go to such lengths to produce such bizarre and blatantly diabolical images?

Until now, all the animals seen in this ad can also be found in the real world. However, now the focus is on a very unknown looking creature. The camera spins as it dances and stops calculatingly, placing this creature in the center, just below the hexagon and Saturn. There is literally no animal that we know of that looks like this.

However, again, there is a satanic link. This thing looks eerily similar to the depiction of Satan used in Codex Gigas, also known as the Devil’s Bible.

The video ends with the tiger looking at the bull, then back to looking at the children as the text ‘this is going to be fun’ appears. The predatory nature of this symbolism is again very clear. In fact, there have already been numerous complaints about how the Metaverse is extremely dangerous and inappropriate for children. In fact, someone recently entered the Metaverse, pretending to be a girl to see what would happen. Here are some of the highlights of that social experiment from a BBC article:

An investigator posing as a 13-year-old girl witnessed grooming, sexual material, racist slurs and a rape threat in the world of virtual reality.

One man told our researcher that avatars can “undress and do unspeakable things.” Others spoke of “erotic role-playing.”

BBC News also spoke to a security activist who spent months investigating VRChat and who now posts his videos on YouTube.

He has spoken to children who say they were groomed on the platform and forced to engage in virtual sex. He chooses to remain anonymous because he is concerned about the safety of his family.

Everything about the rooms feels unnerving. There are characters simulating sexual acts on the floor in large groups, talking to each other like children playing adult couples.

She described an incident on a Meta-owned app where she came across a seven-year-old girl.

A group of men surrounded them both and joked about raping them. Allen said he had to get between the men and the girl to protect her.

Can you imagine this technology being used on a global scale? As commonly used as the Internet and social networks? Children will grow up in a world where they will be exposed to hypersexual material from disgusting perverts from a very young age. Imagine the mental and psychological problems these children would develop as they grew up. Not to mention, this is the perfect petri dish to indoctrinate these unsuspecting young minds in all forms of satanic ideologies. It is not a hidden fact that even now children can easily access all kinds of dark material online, including pornography. Metaverse is going to be a heavily amplified version of this, and the severity of the effects will be dire.

All of this symbolism, from Meta’s infinity symbol, to the two horns it produces momentarily during its logo transition, to the satanic imagery in its ads, is an ad. An announcement that they are creating a new world, better than the one that already exists. Better than the one created by Allah Almighty.

Such arrogance rivals that of Iblis himself. They know very well that they are destined for Hell. By pushing people into this hyper-sexualized domain of demons, and making them submit to the idea that this is a better alternative than what Allah has given them, they want to force people to the extreme edge of Shirk and drag them down. as many to hell with them as possible.

Isn’t this exactly what Iblis wants? What Muslims need to realize is that the Metaverse is completely antithetical to Islam. May Allah protect the Ummah from this Fitnah. Amin.

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