Virtual Prediction! The Simpsons already predicted Metaverse In 2011

Virtual Prediction! The Simpsons already predicted Metaverse In 2011

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Facebook or let’s say Meta ever since Mark Zuckerberg came up with the idea of ​​the name change and took a look at Metaverse things came true. People showed their interest, citizens of the Internet went crazy with his unique idea because no one imagined it in reality.

It is difficult to witness in reality, because that kind of concept is only seen in movies or series. A few years ago one of the most popular TV shows “Black Mirror” highlighted the Metaverse concept similar to that and when Mark officially announced Good Lord.

Nobody saw it coming, although its name entered the controversial lane where other companies called Meta claimed to be the first owners of the name.

But guess that? Something more interesting emerged regarding the Metaverse, which is considered to be futuristic communication on social media. The classic and popular cartoon series “Simpsons”, known for predicting some iconic real moments that took place long after years of series.

Who can forget the presidential election of Donald Trump that shocked the world, but Simpson already predicted it long ago.

The same thing happened with the Metaverse as well. Yes! You heard me right, on Simpsons one of the episodes discussing the Metaverse.

Simpson, the latest Metaverse predictor

The Simpsons have become a very popular program for the predictions that they have surely made in more than 700 episodes.

Everyone knows that Mark Zuckerberg made headlines with the new Meta name, but the Simpsons predicted “the future of the social media metaverse” more than a decade ago.

It all happened in the ninth episode of season 23 aired in 2011, which highlighted the main point with the reference to a Meta conglomerate.

It’s not the first time the Simpsons have predicted, remember that the US Capitol right took place after the US presidential election, the Simpsons already predicted in 1996.

In addition, they also predicted the fall of oil prices. So, The Simpsons got really good records.

There have been about 8 times where a series or movie has accurately predicted the future and shocked the world when it was revealed.

What was the chapter of the episode?

The episode aired on December 11 under the title Holidays of Future Passed. It shows that the characters are in the future. Something interesting happened, during the show millions of people connected through the virtual universe.

The entire episode takes you into the digital world, which surely indicates Mark’s plan. The Simpsons episode wouldn’t be that far off the mark, as Meta’a said, “making the metaverse a reality and helping people connect, find communities

.To set the record straight, Meta’s statement when it was announced: “The metaverse will be a hybrid combination of current online social experiences,” taking place in “a three-dimensional environment.”

Consequently, it noted that they will be able to do “things they won’t be able to dodo in the non-virtual world”,

What is Metaverse?

For those who do not know the Metaverse, which is considered the future of social networks. It is basically multiple combinations of elements that include virtual reality, augmented reality and video where users ” live” within a digital universe. There’s nothing wrong with saying that, you’ll be living in a virtual world.

For more information, check out this article on the Meta and Metaverse.

But it’s true that regardless of what the Simpsons predicted in the Last few years, Xerox was not a single

change.What do you think of the story?Tell us in the comments section below.

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Virtual Prediction! The Simpsons already predicted Metaverse In 2011

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