YoHero Metaverse, An Enhanced Version Of Axie Infinity Will Launch In September

YoHero Metaverse, An Enhanced Version Of Axie Infinity Will Launch In September

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In September, YoHero Metaverse is an enhanced version of Axie Infinity established by SM Community, a core community in the early stage of Axie Infinity, based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) .

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, September 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Back in July and August, Axie Infinity had led the game, but the rise of YoHero, which the industry refers to as an upgraded version of Axie Infinity, the weather changed. The latter quickly became a hit in the Southeast Asian gold farming market, becoming the new blockchain game that threatens Axie Infinity’s throne.” In September, the upgraded version of Axie Infinity’s YoHero metaverse created by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based Axie Infinity early core community SM community became the best choice with its fair and fair P2E (paly to win)

model.In this summer Axie Infinity the block game leader of GameFi, reached a cumulative trading scale of more than one billion US dollars, reaching a record and surpassing NBA Top Shot, which had been a success since the beginning of the year, ranking at the top of the list NFT trading. Under the financial model of P2E (play to win), Axie Infinity became the biggest winner in the field of blockchain games in recent months.However, investors in the market sounded their alarm when Axie Infinity announced that it would transfer the Ethereum mainnet to its own sidechain called Ronin. Transferring their mainnet would lead to absolute team control over the data on the chain, making the entire system more and more centralized, which would go against the nature of the blockchain to be decentralized. Also, the era of the best Axie Infinity dividend is over. Major equity holders in the market were eagerly awaiting the emergence of a truly fair, just and improved version of Axie Infinity.

Abstract background. YoHero, who originated from Axie Infinity but is fairer than him.

All members of the YoHero team are from the SM Community, a core community of Axie Infinity in the early stage. In 2021, Sky Mavis, the core team of Axie Infinity, decided to transfer the Axie Infinity mainnet from Ethereum to the sidechain called Ronin. The SM community believed that the transfer went against the fair and just nature of Axie, and was not in line with the DeFi economic system, believing it to be a betrayal of blockchain and DeFi. Later, the SM community voted against the transfer, but Axie Infinity did not adopt it. Totally disappointed, the SM community left Axie Infinity and established the SM team based on a user base of 200K, and began their journey to build the YoHero metaverse.

What is YoHero? It is an Axie Infinity v.2.0 developed based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In the YoHero metaverse, players can collect and breed fantasy creatures (YOLO) and earn platform YO token and YHC token (similar to a stable token) rewards through fighting and YOLO summoning. YoHero has built a virtual world parallel to the real world. In this virtual world with complete spatial perception and physical rules, there are monetary assets, methods of socialization, and social forms. It is not only independent of the real world, but also complements it. YoHero’s metaverse drives traditional gaming revenues through the P2E (play to win) model, providing an on-chain method of making entertainment for the 2 billion potential users who remain inactive due to the global pandemic and helping to workforces idled in the real world to be “reemployed” at GameFi.

An updated Axie Infinity with a stable and sustainable economic model

The growth rate of new users is the key and decisive variable in the economic system. In the short and medium term, the growth of Axie Infinity could continue. But in the long run, the centralized Axie Infinity set up on its own chain cannot carry tens of millions of users. YoHero’s goal is not to become Axie Infinity, but to overcome it and become something better. In the next part, we will make an in-depth comparison between YoHero and Axie Infinity’s token economic systems, game and earnings models, and system operation mechanisms.

YoHero and Axie Infinity from a terminology perspective for those unfamiliar with YoHero:

YoHero – A metaverse built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and an enhanced version of Axie Infinity.

YOLO NFT – The aforementioned fantasy creature, similar to Axie;

YO and YHC – Two types of tokens for users’ incentive and expenses during the gaming process. YO is YoHero’s platform token, whose role is similar to that of AXS. YHC is similar to a stable token, which has no upper limit, and the market itself will balance supply and demand, and its function is similar to the SLP token in the Axie Infinity system.

The two GameFi giants are different in the next dimension.

First, the fairness of the system. In early 2021, Axie Infinity completed the transfer of the Ethereum mainchain to the Ronin sidechain, which was the key to the construction of the YoHero metaverse by the SM team. YoHero’s metaverse was developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is totally different from Axie Infinity, which is based on its own public chain, making it possible for data to be spoofed. Data from the entire YoHero ecosystem can be verified at BSC, and the team has handed over ownership of the platform to the chain, ensuring that the game and the ecosystem are fair and transparent. YoHero has kept the fair attribute of the blockchain.

Second, the perspective of the game. The SM team fully maintained and upgraded the PVE and PVP fighting models and the Axie Infinity’s replay system. The mechanism of two Axies spawning new ones has been replaced by the mechanism of three YOLOs summoning new ones in the YoHero metaverse, and the three Axies fighting model has been replaced by the fighting of 5 YOLOs, greatly improving the YoHero gameplay. The amount of YOLO required to summon reduced the inflation of the YOLO breeding system, making the entire economic system a more closed loop. The 5 YOLO fighting model can enhance the entertainment attribute, attracting players from all over the network to participate in the fight.

Third, invite reward. Based on the gameplay and model of Axie Infinity, YoHero introduced the invite and sharing reward mechanism. For each new user invited by a YoHero player to participate in the YOLO summoning and fighting, the inviter will get a system reward equal to 5% of the new user’s earnings that day. For individuals and organizations with higher marketing skills, YoHero offers a new multi-layered earning model, to meet the needs of different users in the market. This is a subversion of the existing Axie Infinity system.

Fourth, the deflation model. In the Axie Infinity system, Axie and AXS adopt a unique inflation mechanism, and advancing the system requires a constant injection of capital. In the event that there is not enough new capital and users coming in to balance the inflation model, the Axie Infinity will go into a reverse trend. As the core community of Axie Infinity at the early stage, the SM team has the deepest understanding of the Axie model and mechanism. From the beginning, YoHero has established a deflation mechanism for YO and YHC based on the Axie Infinity system. Every time a user sells an amount of YO or YHC, 4% flows into the capital pool and 1% will automatically melt. The entire merging process is carried out automatically by a smart contract, which can be traced on-chain. Compared to Axie, YoHero has a better deflation mechanism. In addition, with the development of the ecosystem, YoHero v2.0 can launch YOLO NFT and earth composition functions, to optimize bubbles and make the whole system more stable.

Fifth, the entry threshold. Since the launch of the Axie Infinity, the price of an Axie has risen from several US dollars in the beginning to three or four hundred US dollars now. Axie Infinity’s best dividend period has passed and the entry threshold is too high now. In the early stage, the investment for a YOLO is estimated to be 10-15U. YoHero provides a new opportunity for players who missed out on the early-stage dividends of Axie Infinity. With a world-class visual expression and experience, YoHero aims to attract tens of millions of users and provide global players and investors with a win-win opportunity.

In conclusion, four factors have made Axie Infinity a success: first, the serious situation of the global pandemic maximized the value of the P2E (play to win) model; second, the market effect realized through the transfer of the Ethereum mainnet to its exclusive Ronin sidechain; third-tier gaming experience in the world; fourth, YGG support. In terms of the first three points, YoHero is much better than Axie Infinity, while in terms of the fourth point, YoHero has established a deep strategic cooperation with a famous game platform in Southeast Asia (Multiverse Play) and ACMarket, a worldwide famous. game deck These decks will give YoHero convenience in gold farming. In addition, SM Team, the core team of YoHero, has more than 1.7 million gold farming users in the Southeast Asian market (India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia). Compared to Axie Infinity, YoHero is a much better option, whether in fairness, stability of the economic system or the cyclicality and progress of the operation of the entire ecosystem.

Last but not least, if Axie Infinity can be considered a milestone in the accelerated development of blockchain games, YoHero will usher in a new era of blockchain games! It can be considered as a world with a substantial economy, which is a grandiose and feasible plan.

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